Autumn is here so it’s time to get cosy and snuggle up indoors..We have selected a few décor items that might help you get inspired to bring the Autumn feeling with its beautiful warm colours into the kid’s room.

autumn kids styleboard

  1. Miffy lamp at The Little Kidz Closet
  2. Woodlands poster by Lilipinso at Kidz Supplies
  3. Round sage velvet cushion at Designstuff
  4. Shape sorter cube at The Little Kidz Closet
  5. Wooden animal coat rack at The Little Kidz Closet
  6. Mustard yellow quilt by Camomile London
  7. Lorena Canals leaf rug
  8. Fox plushtoy at The Little Kidz Closet
  9. Toy storage bags by Lorena Canals
  10. Maple leaf cushion at E-Glue


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