Whilst millenium and living coral pink hit the trends in interior decorating lately, vintage pink always remained a timeless classic and isn’t going anywhere quite yet. It’s a shade that is perfect for nursery and kid’s rooms as it combines easily with others, such as dark blue, mustard and grey in particular, and brings an overall cosy feel. If you’re not ready to paint all the walls in this colour, you might opt for a few accessories instead. Take a look at a few of our examples.

vintage pink kids décor1. Canopy by Sebra at Minroom webshop

2. Reversible duvet cover

3. Cam Cam nursery mobile at Snowflake webshop

4. Bambi hook

5. Bear mini music box by Bamboom

6. Cushion at E-Glue webshop

7. Doll pram at Miniroom webshop

8. Chair by Ooh Noo

9. Doll cot at Miniroom webshop

10. Padded baby blanket by Phil & Phae

11. Storage box by Flexa

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