Jungle décor is the excellent choice if you want to bring some wild fun into the kid’s room ! It’s not gender exclusive and is a great way to motivate and encourage the adventurous spirit of your child. You can either go the subtle way by layering in a few touches here and there or go for the complete theme by starting with a bold wall mural. Either way, we picked a few ideas to get you started.

jungle kids décor

1. Tiger wall trophy by Wild & Soft

2 .Jungle leaf wallpaper by Decochic

3. Crochet monstera leaf wall décor by Happy Meute

4. Toucan poster by Sparkling Paper

5. Green patterned rug by Sloan

6. Elephant chair by Elements Optimal

7. Monkey crochet toy by Cuddle and Yarn

8. Wooden lion toy by Projekt Dzioopla

9. Hippo crochet toy

10. Jungle pillow cover by Kip & Co

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