Mother Earth, finally had some peace these last months. Of course everyone would agree to say that it would have been better if it had happened by governments’ efforts and not by such devastating circumstances. But in everything bad, there’s something good. We are many to think that this episode will have changed the way we look at life forever, and how important simple things are. Never before have we appreciated to such an extent, the delight of listening to the little bee buzzing by our window plants, the birds chirping and singing, the sound of the breeze and looking at the clear blue sky. Love our beautiful earth, it’s our baby.

earthy baby decor

  1. Rainbow wall hanging at Minifili webshop
  2. Mustard yellow knobs at Les Enfants du Design webshop
  3. Vintage pink wall hanging with pockets at Les Enfants du Design webshop
  4. Round blue cushion at My Snowflake webshop
  5. Rattan crib at Les Enfants du Design webshop
  6. Erathy coloured rug at E-Glue webshop
  7. Berbère style floor cushion at The Kids Interiors Store
  8. Rectangular pink cushion at My Snowflake webshop
  9. Off-white cot sheet with mustard stripe at Quax Baby

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