Today we are introducing a brand that we recently discovered – Rug Your Life, who make bespoke rugs for the nursery, kid’s or play room. It’s not just about choosing your own designs, colours or can actually make a custom rug with your child’s own art, drawing or scribbles! It’s such an incredible way to celebrate your child’s creativity and imagination.  We love imagining kids playing, reading or just relaxing on a carpet they’ve designed themselves. Or why not design the rug together with your child, so you can remember that special moment forever. You could even keep it a lifetime, and place it later anywhere in the family home.

kids drawing rug

All you need to do is send your child’s art or designs to the rug company, who will weave it within 10-12 weeks. For those of you who cannot choose among the endless amount of drawings your child makes, worry not!  Rug Your Life is very experienced at combining several pictures by your kids into one coherent, beautiful rug layout.

rug with child's art

rug child's art

If your kid’s drawing doesn’t have colours, then you can ask Rug Your Life to add the colours that would fit best with the décor of the room. Or perhaps your child chooses one of their drawings but prefers it in other colours – then it is possible to change colours too. Let your child be the designer!

kids art rug

custom carpet kid's room

The yarn, premium New Zealand wool, is custom-dyed for your rug. Then it is woven, knot by knot, following each pixel of the weaving graph the company draws by hand from your child’s art. And there are even more steps before, in-between and after!

custom rug kid's drawing

It is probably difficult to imagine all the steps involved and you and your child will be inspired to see photos of your own carpet as it is being made. Rug Your Life will send you images of the handcraft process as it goes along. This definitely makes the long wait easier to manage, plus it makes you realize just how special your child’s rug will be!

child's drawing rug

Bespoke rugs from your children’s art is something we are sure not only you as a parent will love to have in your home. We can hardly think of a better present for grandparents and family, especially if they live far away, to be able to enjoy their grandchildren’s art under their feet and be reminded daily of how wonderful they are!

custom rug kid's scribbles

Did you know that Nayla Ventura, the founder of Rug Your Life, started her company when she wanted to create a unique rug for the baby daughter she was expecting? She set off to find a way to have a lovely, joyful drawing the baby’s father-to-be had made as he was a child himself.

How perfect is that for a baby nursery room rug? A handmade rug with a design the baby’s parents made when they were children!

design your own rug

We love the idea of displaying children’s art in such a meaningful and useful way, on a very large scale and in an object that we use daily and makes our homes so much more beautiful.

kid's rug bespoke

custom carpet kid's room

handwoven rug children's room

Make sure you visit the Rug Your Life’s website and turn your kids‘ imagination into their favourite place in the home!