Tiny Little Pads is an Interior Design firm based in Las Vegas, US, run by the talented Norwegian born Interior Designer Jannicke Ramsø. The firm specializes solely in baby nurseries, children’s rooms, playrooms and playhouses, but also offers design services for children’s parties.

Tiny Little Pads

Jannicke has a solid and unique background working in the interior and design field and her passion and hard work has definitely earned her success. As a little girl she participated enthusiastically with choosing the decor for her own bedroom together with her mother. She obtains an interior design certificate in Bergen and starts her design career by designing the navigation bridge for the famous The World, a ship she saw being built from her childhood bedroom and then later landed a job on and circumnavigated the globe with. But her career really takes off after obtaining an interior design degree from The Art Institute of Las Vegas, which leads to a position with one of the leading interior design firms in the US, Cleo Design. As Jannicke designs the nursery for her first child, she realizes that she wants to focus solely on kids’ spaces and creates Tiny Pads in 2015.

Tiny Little pads retro scandinavian girlsroom

Jannicke also has a Minor in Psychology where a big focus was on Children’s Developmental Psychology which probably helps when she designs kidsrooms (apart from her motherly instinct of course). This is her youngest girl, Miliah’s nursery that includes a play space for her older sister, Nahla. Combining a nursery with an older child’s play space not only creates a bond between the two children at an early age, but also eases the little worries a first child might have when a new baby arrives at home.

Tiny Little Pads retro scandinavian girls bedroom

The retro Scandinavian look and color scheme is quite original for a baby girls nursery, but blends in perfectly with the combined playroom that has a lot of colorful toys in it. It all becomes a unified kid’s room without divisions so that Nahla can feel that it is her room too. Jannicke had all these toy colors in mind when she decided to paint the classic floorboards in a crisp glossy white paint from Sherwin-Williams. She knew that in order for all these bold toys to stand out and look appealing, rather than overwhelming, it needed that “white box” surrounding them. The white Jenny Lind crib comes from DaVinci with a custom bumper and skirt from Sheetworld. The metal bead chandelier is from Arteriors and Jannicke added some colourful yarn balls to it to make it a touch of whimsical and fit in with the space.

Apple pouf Land of Nod

Apple pouf from Land of Nod.

Ferm Living yellow tree retro wallpaper

The Ferm Living yellow tree kidswallpaper adds the retro look to the room as well as contrast to the white paint emphasizing the stunning angles and height of the room.

colourful retro crochet cushion

Notice how the beautiful retro style crochet cushion also includes a bright blue colour.

ikea red and white polka bedlinen kids

Tiny Little pads

The room also includes a reading nook where the older girl, Nahla, can read while Jannicke is nursing her little sister, Miliah. Jannicke didn’t opt for the traditional big cushions and floor mats, but designed the area around a queen-size bed which is not only more comfortable for Nahla, but also practical in case one of the parents needed to fall asleep on it during Miliah’s restless nights. The corner is defined by vintage learning cards cleverly turned into a garland by Tiny Little Pads on the walls and a colorful felt garland from Land of Nod. The Ikea bedlinen is red with big polka dots and quite similar to the textiles on the cot but in a different tone.

ABC vintage cards

Several vintage pieces such as the toy bin, side table, artwork, stool and ABC learning cards (for the garland) were introduced into room as Jannicke loves mixing vintage with modern pieces. Her beautiful designed nurseries, kidsrooms, playrooms and playhouses always have character and a unique style that fits the baby or child the best rather than magazine trends. You can view the stunning portfolio on the Tiny Little Pads website and learn about the several design services the company offers.

Tiny Little Pads

Totally charmed by Tiny Little Pads?? So are we..!..Aswell as Kardashiankids and Jessica Biel’s restaurant who follow her closely on Instagram! We can’t wait to see more!

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