Every parent will tell you, kids grow up all too fast. One moment your toddler is having a tea party with her dolls in a little teepee surrounded by gentle, innocent hues and the next your teen’s asking for more storage space for her gorgeous new dresses and colours of her own taste. But there’s a period in between, and it is during these years that your girls and boys begin the process that is going to make them look more like young adults than children – the TWEENS. These delicate tween years are all about transformation and transition, and that trend of constant change can pretty much reflect on the décor of their bedrooms.

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So, if you have a tween on your hands and you are having trouble following his or her requirements when it comes to bedroom design and organization, we’ve gathered up a few tips to help you and make your tweens’ rooms feel like a safe haven where they can express their personality and feel comfortable.


Your tweens’ rooms ought to be in sync with their needs, which are starting to become more sophisticated and unpredictable. It is time to transition the place from a bedroom lagging behind to a more age-appropriate one. What does that actually mean? Well, they should be both whimsical and boast a certain cool factor, but at the same time be somewhat mature. While the canopy, teepee and the Flisat doll house may still be popular when your kids enter the tween years, near the end of them, these once cherished items are going to become a thing of the past. Cosy, chilling and reading nooks and well-equipped desks with lots of shelves and storage are going to become the leading points of their rooms.

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Plan future redecorating by making light commitments. You don’t want to get caught up with a particular theme for your kid’s room at this age since there is a good chance they will soon find it mundane. Your tween might want to become an astronaut today, but tomorrow it will ultimately going to turn the tides around. Start off with some neutral hues, without overwhelming the space with brightly coloured paint, giving it room to evolve with time. While you might feel that this makes everything seem boring, what that really does is give you a blank canvas on which you can draw and erase and add your kid’s favourite colours in accent without much trouble.

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As the tween years are all about transition, from a parent’s perspective, their rooms should be easy and affordable to progress from one stage to the next as they and their tastes change so dramatically overnight. Unless you are ready to spend money on a racing car bed or princess’s castle that are going to become obsolete sooner than later, you should start thinking more down to Earth. Invest in a good quality bed that can be converted into a larger piece with time. Today, you could even obtain convertible cribs that can be transformed into teen beds!

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moustache pillow cover

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nordic style boy's room


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wall mural paint ideas


Every child is going to carve its own unique road through the tween years on the way to the teens, which is the next huge step in their lives. So, nothing can truly prepare you for the tween years for sure. However, we hope that this article will make your road a bit less bumpy!

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