Small children are storms of energy, all passionate and enthusiastic. But if your little pumpkin acts like a full-on race car all the time, you are probably struggling to keep up. If this is the case, you may like to consider dancing classes as a solution. All kids enjoy moving to the sounds of music, and there is no such thing as being too young to dance. Dancing experience from an early age will help develop your toddler’s body control, balance, coordination and spatial awareness, while at the same time make their “batteries” run out at the end of the day. Almost every little girl dreams of becoming a dancer, and, let’s be honest, is there a parent whose heart wouldn’t shake in front of a petite ballerina?

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Ballerina is the symbol of grace, feminity and determination, and so should be her quarters. Sophisticated colour palette (with pale pink in the spotlight) dominates this theme, creating a serene and dreamy atmosphere. When it comes to the decor, fluffy tutus and ballet shoes are a must!

Tutus can be very effective and will adapt to any role you lay upon them (as lamps, wall art, nursery mobiles, table skirts, etc.). Rely on your imagination to help you find new ways to incorporate them in your girl’s room. They always make a huge impact!

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Don’t forget the clothing rack! Your petite performer will need a place for her costumes and dresses. Place them on a clothing rack to keep them neat and easily accessible, while at the same time serving as a beautiful display.

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While tutu stands for beauty and elegance, ballerina shoes are there to remind your little princess of how much work and persistence it takes to make the dream come to life. She will benefit from this strong message, breaking the prejudice that all you need to succeed is to wish upon a star. Adorn her walls with ballet shoes, real ones or printed.

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Every passionate ballerina dreams of being able to hone her craft in the privacy of her own room. You would be surprised how easily you can set an elegant studio for her with just a huge mirror and a dancing barre, so why wouldn’t you give it a try? Your kid will spend many hours making pirouettes in front of it, developing good posture, motor skills and her imagination. But don’t forget to join her in her endeavours. Dancing together will do wonders for both your relationship and your health.

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Scatter ballerina throw pillows and plush toys around the room and let the games begin. But don’t run away from DIY dolls either. Your cygnets will cherish the comfort and affection they provide (especially if you made them together). And when she grows up into a beautiful swan, in her memories she will always come back to her lake to play with her toy friends.

ballerina ragdolls

ballerina handmade dolls

Once a dancer always a dancer. Encourage your daughter to foster a positive attitude and increase her self-esteem by letting her express her affinities through decor. But remember, sometimes our girls choose to become superheroes, not ballerinas. As their parents, our job is to support their choices.

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