Pattern, alongside texture and colour, is one of the most crucial elements in interior design, kids’ rooms included. It plays an important role in every interior style, and you should always consider it while making important design decisions. By bringing different pattern to the scheme, you’ll be able to convey your design style, create contrast, give energy and draw interest to the place. It will also help you in bringing the room together and provide much-needed depth to small spaces by having an impact on its scales. A pattern is usually applied through walls, tiles or rugs, but there are also a few other exciting approaches that we are going to show you.

patterns in kids rooms


Much easier than painting, wallpapers are the most widely available and effective tools used for bringing pattern to kids’ rooms. From different geometric shapes to repeating floral prints, there are wallpapers out there able to satisfy every possible and impossible taste. So, finding one is not a problem, however, getting one that’s going to fit in your little one’s bedroom is whole nother story. If you are unsure, go for something neutral, like simple geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, dots or a grid, and make sure the colours match the rest of the design. But, if you don’t like to play it on the safe side, relax, go bold and add excitement and drama to the place with some wild patterns.

black grid wallpaper

onyx and smoke

leaf wallpaper

art for kids

grey cloud wallpaper



Decals give you a bit more freedom while creating patterns on walls. Because every piece is separate, you’ll be able to have fun with your kids while experimenting with the layout and in the process create some truly unique patterns together. However, if you are a neat freak, make sure to double check all the measures before applying any piece to the wall.

black arrow wall decals

komodo no kuni

pink dot wall decals

the little kidz closet

candy sprinkle stickers

creative tuesday

black cross wall decals stickers


grid kids bedlinen

curated by kita


If you prefer to stay low key and avoid large surfaces, there are more subtle ways to introduce pattern to your kid’s room. And one of the easiest must be by adorning the floor with patterned rugs. However, patterned rugs don’t necessarily have to act alone! In combination with matching wall coverings or throw pillows, you could take the room to a whole next level.

green and black nursery

oilo studio

black and white striped rug

pufik homes

pink rug with stars

art for kids

patterned design kids room


blue rug with clouds

little p for little people


If you don’t like to commit to one pattern for too long, then one of the best ways to introduce it is through your little one’s bed sheets, blankets or cushions. Unlike wallpapers, wall decals and rugs, these are usually more simple to replace, allowing you to experiment with patterns more easily.

chequered apple cushions

annabel kern

ooh noo bedding

ooh noo

vertbaudet bedding


nobodinoz textiles


graphic patterned kids bedding

stripy and chaquered textiles

done by deer/


A pattern can be welcomed in a kid’s room through the smallest of accessories and still have a significant impact on the design of the place. Pillows, bedspreads, ottomans and even toy baskets will do the job! Just take a look at these rooms and tell us if the pieces aren’t grabbing your attention!

black and blue boys room

limitation free

pattern designs in childrens rooms

Don’t underestimate the power of pattern! And don’t be afraid to experiment with them by combining and mixing different ones either. Use your imagination and ingenuity, and you’ll inevitably create an impressive and unique layout in your kid’s room.

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