Neutral nurseries have been on the rise for a number of years, with a myriad reason cited for their growing popularity. Some say it’s down to an increasing trend for millennial parents to keep their baby’s gender a surprise. Others suggest the neutral trend is driven out of practicality and longevity. It’s certainly true that a gender-neutral nursery provides more freedom as your baby develops into a toddler and beyond and can be adapted with relative ease and cost-efficiency.

Whatever the reason for its meteoric rise, don’t be fooled into thinking that gender-neutral equals bland. While it is a genre underpinned mainly by nudes and naturals, it welcomes pops of colour, woodland and jungle themes and leafy wall coverings too.

If you’re considering a nursery without a firm commitment to gender, you’ll love this round-up of thirteen of our favourite gender-neutral nurseries for 2021.


Oliver’s nursery is a dreamy blend of beige, peachy creams and off-white set against a backdrop of Benjamin Moore’s Harbor Grey walls. It oozes soothing vibes with its abundance of natural wood and rattan, while Hunter and Nomad’s Cotton Diamond rug adds warmth and depth to the space.


A panelled feature wall in a Wedgewood blue shade interrupts this otherwise brilliant white abode for the new arrival. Though convention has always said blue is for boys, this modern nursery is far from masculine. Its bright and breezy disposition ticks all the boxes for neutral, and we love how the perspex shelving allows the brightly coloured book collection to become wall art in its own right.

Nothing says nursery quite like a piece of wall art from @thebirthposter, and we love how the natural wood of the poster hanger frame melds into the block-coloured wall, giving the print a floaty, ethereal feel. It’s the Spiced Honey tones of the @flexanl paint that create the magic in this room, artificially partitioning it and creating cleverly marked sleeping quarters for Vays. The styling of the room is superb too. A splash of mono in the pug dressing gown and postcard prints adds a contemporary touch that vibes well with the black-spotted perimeter of the @hm circular rug. No wonder Miffy looks so at home!


The dark green Raphael @sandberg wallpaper in this nursery was chosen to lend a forest atmosphere. Mama Laura decorated during lockdown and was keen to invite the outdoors in. This is the perfect example of how neutral does not necessarily equal nude. The wallpaper pattern is neither polarising nor gender-specific and chimes well with the colour palette of the handmade Nepalese rug by @muskhane_officiel.


There’s an air of grandeur in this wonderfully fresh boho nursery tastefully designed in a manner that would work equally for a boy or girl. This heavenly space is clearly also a welcome retreat for mama with a stylish @babyletto Toco swivel glider feeding chair in white linen.  A statement antique-inspired ivory and multicoloured rug makes its presence felt along with a dramatic macrame hanging by @arrowwood_designs and a tasselled pendant by @anthropologie. Benjamin Moore delivers the colour palette with Simply White for the base colour and a stunning Saybrook Sage for that WOW feature wall.


We’d sum up this tranquil space as pretty putty and barefaced nude though the actual shade is Borage Green by Leroy Merlin. It’s precisely the sort of scene your mind conjures up when you hear gender-neutral, but it’s no less beautiful for the pared-back style and unfussy palette.


We love this contemporary nursery infused with retro vibes. Perhaps it’s the shape of the nursing chair or the mono vibes of the cot and modified Etsy mobile that lends this flashback flavour, but either way, it works.

The understated composition makes the room a natural fit for the gender-neutral category, but it does belong to Orion, and the reason we point this out is because of the clever art pick. The abstract piece from @theposterclub appears to depict a freestyled ‘O’, introducing a less contrived nameplate style.


Great interiors can transport you to other worlds and places, and that’s how we feel when we look at the stunning nursery that Maya has created for her precious newborn. There’s an elegant, colonial vibe combined with an airiness that almost makes it possible to sense the breeze blowing by. The leafy jungle wallpaper by @montecolino brings a tropical feel and is the only introduction of colour save for the ornamental additions. This gender-neutral nursery is full of detail yet quiet and unobtrusive. It’s sophisticated and serene, delicate yet confident, and we adore it.


Let’s take a walk in the wilderness and soak up the cutesy nursery vibes and eclectic brown tones of Denver-based Cait’s handiwork. Sherwin Williams’ Incredible White shade provides the blank canvas on which this nursery story is curated. It’s their Anew Gray paint that gives the crib its greige makeover, and the exquisite antique dresser was a Craig’s list find. Aside from the skilful interior design job, the hero in the room is the delightful suede buffalo ottoman stool by @olizee. It’s super-cute but offers storage, so it’s functional too!


Thankfully gender-neutral does not rule out pattern, texture and downright skilful freehand painting. Yes, that’s right. The accent wall in River’s nursery is neither stencils nor wallpaper. It’s the result of a sponge paintbrush with a thin end and a modicum of patience and precision. The neutral terracotta colour keeps things simple with a mossy green paint job on the @crateandkids crib offering a sedate burst of colour.


Tonal nudes exude all the warmth and vibrancy of golden sunshine with nothing but a lick of peachy blush in sight. It’s incredible how a well-executed concept can channel so much more than what is visible to the naked eye. The pop-pom embellished flag sums up this precious space – what a happy place indeed!



Earthy neutrals, natural flooring and a spot of colour blocking create space and light in this timeless, gender-neutral nursery. We love the wooden book basket by @kwantum_nederland and those animal print foam blocks by @vanpauline. A dreamy moon mobile by @woodnkids hints at dreamy slumber, while the jaunty positioning of the bamboo mirror by @xenos_nl suggests the sun rising to salute a new day.

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