Today we will be touring one of the most cheerful toddler rooms we’ve seen to date, so buckle up your seat belts as we are in for an exciting ride!

The peppy little nook you can see above is the residence of a three-year-old Otis who is head to toe in love with rainbows, dinosaurs and Pat & Mat (never enough of bright colours, right?). He lives in the Netherlands with his mum, dad, two sisters and a brother.

black yellow kid's room

rainbow kid's room

Gone are the days of monochromatic kids’ rooms. We loved them. We cherished them. And now we are once again craving for the colour to brighten our daily lives. We asked Otis’s mum Cindy (@otis_oh) what was her reason for ditching the black & white look and switching to this lively aesthetic bursting with bright colours.

yellow kids rug

Here is what she told us:

“I was kind of a monochrome addict for the first two years of Otis’s life. So his nursery was black and white allll the way and we loved it. But that changed and we NEEDED some colour in his room. I started off with a bit of yellow, his fave. Then I moved the DIY wardrobe into his room (that I created for his brother a few years ago). Otis loved the bright yellow and green, and at the same time developed a fascination for rainbows. And since I’m an all-or-nothing type of person, rainbow colours it is! “

rainbow cushion

The wardrobe is without a doubt Cindy’s favourite. It is a vintage Queen Ann buffet that she fixed, painted and papered to breathe in the second life to it.

green wardrobe kids

In a space like this, even the gloomiest of days can’t do anything to your mood. It’s so cheerful and known to put a smile on everyone’s face each time they walk into the room.

yellow green kid's room

Cindy sees it as a somewhat hysterical and eclectic mix of rainbow colours with a bit of dino.

“People always ask me about his dino room. When actually the dinosaurs weren’t the idea behind this room. In fact, I don’t like themed rooms that much. I love eclectic mixes, that just arise when you put a lot of fun stuff together. And yes a lot of that stuff happens to consist of dinosaurs,” she explains.

mini rodini mustard bedding

The biggest challenge for Cindy was how to use the space above the bed:

I still think it’s too empty (and I have the perfect poster waiting for it: Little Fine Day’s Apple Papple), but Otis is just too small to put up a poster in a frame. I’m afraid he touches it and it will fall. I’ve tried wall stickers and posters with washi tape, but he keeps removing them. So, for now, I’ve just put some baskets up that wall, high enough so he can’t reach them (yet 😅).

metal shelves kid's room

plane nursery mobile

What else can we expect to see in Otis’s room in feature? Well, most probably Lillagunga gymnastic rings, as his mum has set her eyes on them and looking forward to adding this both cute and useful toy to the jolliest of rooms.

metal slef children's room

If you enjoyed this tour, take Cindy’s piece of mind:

“Think in colours or patterns instead of themes. I love rooms that are different from the ones you see in magazines. So just get crazy! Kids rooms are perfect for letting your imagination go free. Don’t hesitate if you have an idea. Try and see how it works out. And if that colour that you had in mind for the wall doesn’t turn out as you expected: no worries, you can always repaint (believe me, I’ve been there 😅). “


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