With its bold, desaturated colour palette and clean and elegant look, the design of four-year-old Melicia’s bedroom, located in northern Sweden, is anything but typical. Melicia is a strong-willed girl with a great love for fantasy games, so her mum Linda decided to further nurture the fairy tale mood she enjoys the most by introducing it into her personal space. She does have the place all to herself, but her little brother is allowed to play with her toys under her watching eye.

 Melicia’s room is a mix of old and new which is best represented by the vintage cabinet repainted to give off a modern vibe.

dreamy fairy tale girl's room

For Linda, decorating is all about evoking feelings.

I wanted to create a harmonious and a bit luxurious princess vibe with desaturated colours. You won’t see tons of toys laying around, but only the favourite ones. This way, Melicia’s room is a playful place during the day, and a restful place comes the evening. But hopeless as I am, I’m always changing everything around, but prefer to stick to primary colours at the bottom, so that I can switch out the details after a few seasons.

scandinavian vintage style cupboard

Because the family lives in a rented space, designing this dreamy room came with its own set of challenges that are limiting Linda from showing off her design potentials in their full glory.

The biggest challenge was probably bringing my vision of the space to life with small means. When you don’t own the residence, but renting it, you want to leave behind the smallest possible traces on the walls and the ceiling which is obviously limiting the creativity. Unfortunately, renters can not allow themselves to paint the room each time they get a new idea.

girl's room

It’s incredible how cleverly Linda played around with lots of different shades of blue and greyish tones to gradually create transition and add texture to the room. Together with the charming bed, personalised dollhouse and all the beautiful and playful toy collection, the place is simply wondrous!

vintage style dollhouse

I love the whole room, but my favourite part is probably the bed area as it feels cosy to crawl up and read a bedtime story in. But I also love the old cabinet that can host both clothes and toys with no problem. The bed is Melicia’s favourite place as well as it is so fun to play in.

linen kids bedding


Bed : Ikea I Patterned bedlinen : Garbo and Friends I Linen bedlinen : Gekas Ullered I Pink blanket : Numero 74 I Pink bedding : HM I Mattress : Ellos I Mrs Mighetto Miss Della print – Mrs Mighetto I Frames, hook strip and wicker chair – second hand I Building blocks – Kids Concept I Cabinet : vintage and painted with Nordsjo.se paint I Balloons and Rabbit hook – ByON I  Wings – Numero74 I Unicorn plush toy and canopy – Spinkiebaby I Dollhouse : Cloudberry Castle I Plush rabbit : Maileg I Dollhouse furniture : Maileg I Storage baskets : Ikea and Rusta I Framed flower : a piece of wallpaper by Sandberg Tapeter I Wall ballon lamps : Boris Klimek I Unicorn plushtoy : Himmelska Glintar

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