An old half-timbered house in Kassel, Germany, hosts remarkable girl’s room of a nine-year-old Martha who is not a fan of pink tones nor girly colour schemes. Her mum Daniela’s (@wunderblumen) eye for design, her great love of detail and personalised design solutions lead to the creation of a beautiful Scandinavian-inspired home for their family of five. She’s outfitted the space in pastels, flowers and unique mix of old and new furniture in a way that honours tradition while giving it a modern twist.

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”I really enjoy choosing colours and always play with mood boards before I make some changes in a room. Pinterest, Instagram and magazines offer a wealth of inspiration, but I always put my own ideas and the needs and wishes of my children first. Martha, for example, likes grey and blue, and does not like being too girly. We opted for a grey wallpaper with a star pattern in her room. It was from the IKEA Brakig collection, which unfortunately does not exist anymore,” Daniela explains.

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Martha’s room is very personal. Since it is on a smaller side, Daniela made sure that the colours and accessories are selected in a way that supports a sense of calm. Inside this room you will find a peaceful retreat, bursting with vintage finds and a few new pieces that are deliberately chosen to support this special mood. You’ll also find a healthy balance between the clean look and kid’s room maximalism. Martha’s room is designed to be used, so a lot of her trinkets remain visible and within reach, while the rest of the toys disappear in the baskets, the old chest and behind the curtain on the shelf.

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As Martha grows older her room grows too. You could hardly call these changes a revolution, but rather an evolution as the space transforms bit by bit to accommodate her changing needs. But regardless of the smooth transitions the mood always shifts as a result.

When asked to pick her favourites, Daniela says:

“I love the wooden floors in all our rooms, including this one. I really like the old Vertigo in white, which serves as a nursery cabinet, and also the old bedside table in mint that I found on eBay a long time ago.”

kids room with ikea wallpaper

The family loves the look of this space and wouldn’t change anything about it even if they were given a ridiculously large budget to work with. They only swap a picture or textiles from time to time to keep things fresh. Such simple touch-ups always influence dramatic changes in the atmosphere of the space.

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If you are looking for advice on kids’ room decorating, take a word from Daniela:

“I love a mix of old and new furniture. It gives a room much more character. For furniture, I would always pay attention to quality and material. This pays off afterward immensely. As the play rooms make children’s rooms very colourful later on, I would not choose the colors of the room too brightly. Beautiful textiles, prints, garlands of fabric or baskets for storing the many things additionally liven up the nursery and create atmosphere.“

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Bed : Ikea I Desk : Hubsch I Chair : Hay I Wardrobe : Vintage I Bunny lamp : Egmont Toys I Rug : Lorena Canals I Pillow elephant : Fine und Josef I Suitcase : Mikanu I Basket and blanket : Lorena Canals I Cat toy : Meri Meri I Snake cushion on the floor : Ferm Living I Pear basket on the wall : Mikanu I Dress : Kids on the Moon I Brown pillow : By Mölle I Star pillow : No 74 I Fitted sheet : Swedish Linens I Gril print : The Black Apple I Hanging basket : Le Flair I Miniature Funkis House Small : Ferm Living I Basket on the floor : Ferm Living I Backpack : Mikanu I Peg Rail : Iris Hantverk I Print “Pirum Parum“ : Fine Little Day I  Cubbie bag : Tellkiddo I Duvet : Coco and Wolf I Pig sof toy : Mailpeg I Lion wall decor : Il y Ela I Throw : Il y Ela I Round jute rug : Fine Little Goods

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