Our search for inspiring kids’ rooms leads us to Elblag, Poland, where two-year-old Leonard’s beautiful vintage bedroom is located. As Leonard is not an only child in his family, the place also acts as a playroom, where he and his older sister Malina enjoy their favourite activities such as book reading, arts and crafts and arranging building blocks.

modern boy's room vintage vibe

The room’s designer Aska – Leonard and Malina’s mother, chose to adopt a combination of old and new while sticking to a low budget. That’s why she cleverly blended together pre-loved furniture with new, modern pieces and ended up with a dynamic, but cosy little boy’s heaven. In Aska’s words, “I really like mid-century modern furniture. I found some inexpensive pieces at the internet second-hand shop and I think that they give this room a character. I combined them with IKEA furniture and so we get a modern kid’s room with a vintage vibe”.

moose poster

coolest boys rooms

 Like everything else in this room, choosing the colours came through a filter of love. The colour scheme comes from the poster above Leonard’s bed which, Aska says, they received from the local theatre and fell in love with immediately. The beautiful shade of green which was conveyed from the poster, in a combination with white creates a soothing background and a great canvas for injecting all sorts of colours. But, the most exciting part here is that the colour palette isn’t rigorous, “I don’t stick to the colour palette strictly. I use all colours but a bit faded so the interior arranging is less limited and more fun”.

play area in a kid's room

vintage chair kid's room

Balancing old with new, relaxing with playful, and not to mention all the colours, without ending up with a chaotic mess had to have its own set of challenges. But Aska has a great solution, “It is not easy to combine. That’s why I made a quiet, cosy space by the bed, put main storage on one wall, and didn’t forget about plants. I think plants make this place dynamic and calm at the same time”.

green plants in kid's room

kid's room styling

Every kid’s room should first and foremost be designed and arranged to suit the child’s character, needs and wishes. Leonard was obviously too young to have participated in the room’s design, but every mother knows what their kids love and want. “He is interested in colourful pictures, books and cars, so I’ve put them on display. I think toys are the most important decoration in a child’s room as they develop a sense of aesthetics in children”.

kid's room storage

bicycle décor

In the evening, Leo likes reading to fall asleep, but during the day he prefers to jump on his bed, so his parents had to find the clever solution for the reading lamp. They chose the one they can put away high above the bed, with the option of lowering down when needed. And it’s a stunner!

kids play

“Our favourite thing about this room is a seating area. A roundtable works great in such a small room and it’s really useful. Leo and Malina love to play at it. This set is much older than me so it is certainly furniture with a soul”, says Aska.

vintage kids play furniture

If you asked us, we wouldn’t add or take away a thing from this room, it’s absolutely a ten out of ten! But, Aska has something on her wish-list that we hope she will achieve soon – a vintage world map! We just can’t wait to see how it will add up!

 Any tips for our readers?

I would say that designing a beautiful children’s room does not have to be expensive. Look in second-hand shops, but you can also do a lot of things yourself. Give yourself time to find all the beautiful accessories that you would like to have. Designing is a process”.

Aska, interior design blogger at 66mkwadrat


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