It’s never too early to begin exploring the world. The great news is that you can enable your child’s discovery with some simple DIY tweaks and home renovations for less than the price of a plane ticket.

From wallpaper and murals to wall hangings, prints and globes, you can take your little people to big places full of promise and wonder.

Let us take you on a voyage as we bring the world into your living room with seventeen shining examples of maps in kids’ room designs. Buckle up. We’re ready for take-off!


Sonny, the owner of this adventurous room, can conquer the world without even leaving his bed. All thanks go to @rebelwalls and their Around the World map wallpaper. We love the website’s interactive feature that allows you to input your measurements and choose exactly which part of the planet you want to visit.

There’s something about the expanse of ocean on this map that works so well with the Shark bedlinen!


There’s a touch of the traditional in this quintessentially British room. Perhaps it’s the solitary cricket ball sitting atop the desk, or maybe it’s the tractor sitting idly on the vintage chest of drawers. There’s also a dapper tweed jacket hanging on the racing green wall, hinting at impromptu travel. It certainly appears that a mini gentleman with dreams of wanderlust resides here.


A sepia-toned design approach harks at travel in times gone by. There’s a wonderful romantic charm about this room. The world map hanging with its mono line drawings has the appearance of a scorched parchment and only serves to reinforce this notion further.


The combination of a vintage style world map hanging by @roseinapril_paris and a script font ‘explore’ sign by @flynnanddot leave us in no doubt that Cooper is destined to go places. Add a monogrammed lion print from @sky_high_prints and a Grow Wild leopard print from @leonieandtheleopard, and this voyage is most certainly safari bound.


A world of adventure awaits in tiny Benji’s welcoming abode. It’s no secret that mummy Krista has a passion for travel, and she seems keen to pass on the travel bug to her new arrival. The minty tones in this soothing nursery hint at crystal clear waters and tropical shores, and we just want to clamber into that cosy tepee and drift away to distant lands.


Imagine if your wallpaper could transport you to all four corners of the world and beyond. That’s precisely what Adventures World Map by @littlehandswallpaper can do with its captivating illustrations of transport and wild animals. It’s educational, exhilarating and enchanting in equal measure.


Oh, little one, the places you shall go! Perhaps this is what is meant by the world at your fingertips. What better way to teach children about the world and all that it offers than a floor to ceiling world map?


So much awe-inspiring neutral wonder in one room and so many nods to carefree travel it’s hard to know where to begin. Of course, the world map hanging by @gathre provides the focal point – the destination for Parker, the captain who steers the ship in this beautifully crafted space. There’s the Panama hat and all its connotations of travel during the historic Californian Gold Rush, and then there’s the abandoned guitar hinting at nomadic melodies by moonlight.  The finishing touch is the Scandi kite ship apparently heading straight for oceanic escapades. Positively dreamy.


Here a hanging map provides a spot of mono punctuation in an otherwise kaleidoscopic room of rainbow delights. There’s something poetic about how it mirrors the more colourful road map floor mat. There are other references to travel in this kid’s bedroom, the vehicles perhaps more literal while arrows and rainbows offer more subliminal notions of movement. Even the bed has lofty aspirations.


Simplicity and clean, enduring lines might be the output, but a carefully considered approach led to this beautifully pared-back room. There’s a dorm-like feel here with bedlinen that evokes imagery of wartime refugees far from home with only a patchwork map representing familiar territories.

“To travel is to live.” The famous and poignant words of Hans Christian Andersen could not be more accurate, for to travel is to open the mind to endless possibilities and experiences. So, it feels just right that this beautiful world map hanging should sit above the desk of our studious little wanderer. Where to next?


A modern world map departs with childlike illustrations and opts instead for pastel shading and grading that hints at terrain and temperature. This sedate burst of colour in a monochrome setting brings an allure and intrigue that implores the inhabitant to explore and roam free.


Why confine a passion for journeying to one single source? Designer Caroline Bivens installed a scaffold shelf in her son’s room and filled it with a collection of vintage globes. She added an aged map of South Africa, inspiring her son to dream, explore and enquire about the world. We imagined it helped with his geography homework too!

True globetrotters dream big, and this vibrant mural provides ample inspiration for world-class ambitions. The deep colour saturation of the giant print works wonders against the stark white background and glossy wooden floors and desk. The open window is symbolic of the adventures that await.


It’s a big wide world out there, so a little map for mini minds is an excellent place to start the journey. This simple graphic wall hanging adds charm and depth to a plain wall with the educational benefit of piquing interest in the world around us.

Far from being just decorative, world map murals and wallpaper allow enquiring minds to wander free and imagine the places they’ll go. They can even be used to record with flags, or markers countries visited or destinations on a wish list.

This creamy, dreamy room set-up suggests an intrepid explorer with a thirst for discovery. We love the combination of accessories and dressings that contribute to this idea of an insatiable desire to discover the world. From the hastily discarded suitcase and vintage camera to the sign declaring ‘up all night’, this room suggests a quest for adventure like no other.

This DIY voyage is a more discrete affair with a subtle muted world map offering a serene backdrop for a pairing of little dreamers. Oh, to share aspirations of travel and faraway places with a comrade and best friend.

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