Out of an almost endless array of examples the design world has to offer, we have shown you how a simple colour palette can create a beautiful and dreamy setting. Today we are showing you a few rooms to spike things up a little bit! Instead of suddenly turning on the tap and overflowing the place, we are going to introduce the hues in pops. Keep scrolling for more inspiration.


A dash of yellow will go a long way in an all-white room. Because of its vibrancy, the colour yellow has a tendency to stand out of the crowd especially in the company of neutrals. It’s perfect for when you’d really like to emphasize a piece of furniture or some part of the room. But, no worries, if you still want to keep the atmosphere toned down, there are less vivid shades than Gen Z Yellow, such as mustard for example. But if you want to introduce extra vibrancy, make sure to go for brighter hues. Take a look at what happens when a pillow, blanket or a splash of yellow paint is brought into the picture!








If you’re not for the all-out pink option, then moderation is the way to go! Bring it in accent to soften up the monochrome room and revoke the gender-neutrality to better suit your little girl. There are quite a few gorgeous powdery and cotton candy pink hues to choose from that are bound to fit naturally with the monochrome setting.




Despite being dubbed as one of the brightest and boldest hues that can be a bit overpowering, red is surprisingly easy to combine with other neutral light hues. The bedroom will look especially warm and inviting, with white or wood floors and furniture. So, go bold and do an accent wall in a stimulating shade to separate and enliven a reading nook or homework area, or simply opt to stay in the comfort zone with a few red accessories.





While yellow and pink bring warmth in a monochrome room, pops of green will carry in a bit of nature and a breeze of fresh air. You can add it through accent pieces like the other colours on our list, but better yet with nature-inspired prints, posters such as cacti or pine. If you have a newborn or an older kid, plants are an appealing option as well. And for obvious reasons, it’s not advisable to place real live greenery while you have a toddler on your hand.






Adding splashes of blue in a kid’s room is like a dip in the ocean – an excellent choice for an everyday fresh and revigorating feel!



Ready to give up neutrality and ally yourself with a unique colour? As always, the good news is that when you get tired of the specific accent colour, it’s easy to repaint a single wall or replace a certain item and start fresh.

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