Imagine all of the rich texture and colour of Autumn without even leaving the comfort of your treasured bedroom? That’s what these delightful kid’s rooms offer with their warm, earthy palettes and nature-inspired friends and foliage. From feature walls that conjure up the rustle of crunchy leaves underfoot to curious woodland animals, rustic rattan and cosy canopies, there’s a fall scene to fulfil every child’s fantasies.


Tell me the season without telling me! This early Autumn scene hints at late September vibes when the crocheted throws and knitted blankets come out of hibernation. An expanse of wood, wicker and rattan creates a virtual stroll in the forest, while two signature prints by @minilearners leave us in no doubt as to the inspiration for this interior.


The inspiration for this magical kid’s room is none other than Red Riding Hood but with a boho twist. What’s certain is that no amount of huffing and puffing is going to blow away this vision of fairy-tale majesty and that bespoke house bed. It’s a childlike room but full of adult sophistication, and we love the alternative take on a canopy in all its silky glory.

Willowy greens, earthy clays and a touch of terracotta recreate the woodland scenes where our red-capped heroine meets with the big bad wolf. It’s the perfect space for bedtime stories and imaginative role play.


There’s a wintry tinge to this fantastic forest-themed room, resplendent in emerald hues and sprinkled with water-coloured spruces. The warmth of the wood keeps the autumn dream alive even if the leafy-green mat on the ground hasn’t quite turned yet!


A vintage Victoriana quality in this fantasy boho woodland bedroom is largely driven by the combination of a dusty pink canopy and the sage and floral bed linen. It’s a dainty and delicate room in spite of the bold Fleur Harris x Jimmy Cricket ‘Woodlands’ wallpaper. It almost feels like a princess should reside here, and we’re sure that’s precisely what mummy and daddy think.


Autumn comes in many guises, but wherever you are in the world, it rarely passes without a vibrant injection of burnt orange. Liewood Design’s infamous canopy depicts the changing colour of the leaves, while Olli Ella’s rattan mushroom house represents a hidey-hole for nature’s mini beasts. There’s a lovely artistic symmetry in the maxi world map hanging by @littlem_papergoods and the globe beanbag by @lorenacanalasrugs.


We’re dotty about Ania’s layered approach to Autumnal styling. The base colour palette is a creamy vanilla, rosy-hued, perfect putty kind of concoction with a lovely pouffe of mossy-green crocheted loveliness by @fizuu_made_with_love. A gentle sleepy fawn lays still, poised to illuminate bedtime stories selected from a spectacular bookshelf that doubles up as a piece of wall art in its own right.


Fresh, hopeful Autumn is the order of the day in Rudy’s colour-blocked contemporary bedroom with a sense of optimism emanating from the sunrise print fitted sheet by @moozlehome. A casually strewn maple syrup waffled blanket symbolises the scorched earth, while a vibrant green leaf cushion suggests the lingering remnants of a fertile summer. It’s a serene space but ordered and regimented at the same time.


It looks like pastel breezed straight into this dreamy room, coating it with a glaze of duck-egg blue. In a stroke of genius, it only serves to highlight the chocolate and toffee tones of this most toasty of Autumnal takes on interior decoration. A circular fringed rug mimics the coppery tones of the late afternoon sun, adding warmth to this coolest of kids’ rooms.


More muted tones and Studio Loco Design’s famed Peace on Earth print offer a sedate take on Autumn. The kind that wends its way slowly into the depths of winter, watched by a cavalry of jungle animals, including a stray velociraptor who didn’t get the safari memo. A wonderful wicker toadstool heralds Autumn’s arrival while Ferm Living’s sleepy lion cushion makes his den.

These are the dusky pink dreams that Malumi’s Forest Mural wallpaper are made of. Subdued, warm tones create an autumnal glow that’s gentle and soothing and a perfect peaceful habitat for the woodland creatures. We love how they appear to surround and cradle the divine bed by @woodiessafedreams. It’s the perfect introduction to a new season.


Batten down the hatches. This kid’s hunkering down for the change of seasons, literally closing the curtains on what Mother Nature has in store. A Nordic dose of Autumn takes up residence in this neutral nature-fest of a room. TrendDekko’s ‘animal lovers in the forest’ wallpaper tells us the leaves have all fallen, so we’re feeling a very late autumnal chill in the air. Just as well that the Oliver Furniture bunk bed doubles up as a playhouse den beneath while a sleepy fawn cushion by @nobodinoz takes charge atop. We love how Olli Ella’s Holdie House mirrors the scene but sits ready to be carried away to new seasons and adventures.


A sea of lush fern green and gooey toffee melds together like molten lava in this cosiest of autumn rooms. We can almost feel the dense layers of cushion and bedlinen and sense the bouncy down of that inviting duvet. A tonal feature wall is created using a collection of woodland prints, framed in a natural wood that vibes perfectly with the rattan sideboard and wicker apple storage.


This delicious sunny burst of genius design represents Autumn in all her glory. A fusion of tangerine, velvety rose pink and rattan gets a lick of leopard print, a dash of gold and a sprinkling of natural wood and wicker. It has a touch of boho grandeur, an air of sophistication and a grown-up elegance that’s simply beautiful.

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