The magic of childhood holidays is something we all reflect on with fondness. Whether it’s coastal walks filled with whipped ice cream in wafer cones and seashell picking or the carefree days of summer holidays without uniform or schedule, memories of vacations are precious.

To create a child’s room that captures the essence of holidays is to preserve those recollections, suspending day trips and faraway breaks in time. Nobody likes a vacation to come to a close, so it’s comforting to know that there’s a creative way to bring back special moments of downtime spent well.

We’re channelling vacay vibes with a whistle-stop tour of our favourite kids’ rooms with a holiday feel. No passport required. Fasten your seatbelts, and let’s begin!


‘She sells seashells by the seashore’. Just peering into this room makes us feel the sand between our toes and hear the gentle ebb and flow of the waves. Wood-panelled walls in peaches and creams conjure up coastal vibes, and a strategically placed rattan seashell by @homelycreatures seems to spawn a trio of Terracotta Tila Shells by @_macandme_

A jaunty pink gives the coastal gingham check a refreshing twist, and a mermaid pixie by @peonypixie completes this beachside escape.


Coastal bohemian is how Abby Saylor describes the stunning nursery that she styled for her daughter, Clay Willa.

Natural textures are abundant in this room, including rattan, bare wood, wicker and macrame. This helps to create the laidback bohemian feel that Abby set out to achieve. Colour is introduced subtly via the beachy prints bringing a dash of dazzling aquamarine – a perfect companion to the terracotta tones. The Leon Socorro rug adds another burst of colour with a wonderfully relaxed, hippy vibe. We love the calm feel this room inspires, akin to lazy summer days spent languishing in a hammock.


For a room that delivers all the feels of literally plotting up on the beach, look no further than this exquisite example by @deniseandthefam

The Summer Wonderland playmat by @byalex was inspired by family trips and reminiscing about Summer. It’s just the ticket for staycation adventures and perfect for role play and integrating other small toys.


A home-crafted hideaway provides a sense of adventure with none of the headaches of packing or travel. Well, or so Verena will tell us, though her husband who built this dreamy creation may tell us otherwise. There’s a real sense of bringing the outdoors in, and we particularly love the origins of the ladder, sourced from a tree cut in Grandma Christa’s garden. Now, that’s putting precious memories right at the heart of a project.


The palette and detail in Henley’s sweet room have us running through meadows with the late summer sun sprinkling natural highlights throughout our tousled hair.

The handwoven Bowie rug by @collective_sol appears to have colourful tufts of grass strewn about its neutral background, while a trio of rattan sunshine mirrors injects a warm disposition. There’s a touch of the desert in the wall art print by @littlepeachandpip reflected in the natural cane bed, circular raffia cushion and bedside cactus.


We’re heading to the ocean for our next adventure, and what a beautiful escapade it is. The theme is underpinned from the get-go by Lorna Freytag’s O is for Ocean print. We love how Jules has added a swallow mobile near the art so that the swooping birds appear to be hovering above the graphic waves. Even the colour blocked wall hints at a deep-sea dive.


Grab your bush hat; we’re heading to the jungle. The soft under bed lighting recreates the glow of the sun setting over the savannah, with Mr Leopard taking cover while keeping a lookout. This room is simple and sophisticated but full of safari vibes, and we just want to clamber aboard. A mid sleeper like this is perfect for zoning a room and creating distinct spaces for sleep and play.


Surf’s up. The pink party bus awaits, ready to whisk the inhabitant of this dreamy room away to Hawaiian adventures. Fabric wall stickers by @sailah_lane, illustrated by Danella Gillard, set the scene with a matching mustard print on the adjacent wall. Rattan furniture cements the bohemian, surf chic theme with a super sunrise forever present at the foot of the bed. It’s a peony pink picture of perfection.


Safari meets soft play with oodles of style. The designer, Tatyana, refers to this work of art as a children’s residential complex, “Champion Park’ no less. We defy any adult who doesn’t want a piece of the action. The bi-plane mobile hints at the journey ahead while a bespoke wall frieze by @affrescoiu depicts the final destination – the game park and all of its fun inhabitants.


Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited with the well-known saying, ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’. This room is the epitome of that quote. Camper van bliss offers a mini-sized replica of the ethos of motorhome living. This ride provides sophisticated slumber, role play and the perfect hideaway for quiet time and chill—all in a fabulously neutral palette that is both calming and cool. The mono wall art is an inspired touch.


Colonial calm with class meets tropical oasis. This whitewashed empire channels plantation vibes aplenty. Traci’s fabulous boy’s room demonstrates that less can be oh so much more and that earthy palettes can create as much impact as a riot of colour. This room is soothing and stylish, reminiscent of the chic hotels of Sri Lanka.


Noah’s room is a roll-the-dice-and-let’s-see-where-we-land kinda room. It has adventure weaved into every detail, from the mini travel suitcase to the @nonawallart VW camper van wall print and even Toy Story’s adorable, thrill-seeking Woody. There are the obvious references to travel like the rattan hot air balloon by @raeburnorchards but we also get New York city break vibes in the giant hamburger cushion from @typoshop.


Sunshine Cali vibes abound in Coco’s eclectic but bright and breezy bedroom and there’s a touch of Vegas in the neon name light. This room’s maker is certainly fond of a pattern clash and a riot of colour, but it’s fun and energising; everything a child’s room should be . It’s beachy, it’s boho and it’s downright beautiful!

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