There are few animals out there that light a sparkle in kids’ eyes like horses and unicorns. Although one resides in the real world and the other one in a child’s imagination they are both strong, majestic creatures that stand for freedom and the wilderness. Are your little cowboys and cowgirls looking for their trusted, loyal companions to ride off into the sunset? Or is your fairy princess dreaming of the unicorn who will take her to the fantasy kingdom? If so, embrace these magnificent beasts in their rooms to keep the magic alive!

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horse wallpaper for girls room



Unicorns have always been an animal of choice to many young girls out there. Given they are a symbol of innocence, purity and magic, it is no wonder. Since they have so much in common, girls understand unicorns by heart. They are both living for today and are always ready when adventure calls. Plus, try to catch them if you can.

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When choosing a colour palette for a unicorn lover’s room, all the colours of the rainbow are in the game. As long as it is feminine and chirpy you are on the right tracks. But this sure doesn’t mean the unicorn should sneeze glitter all over the room. To achieve a tasteful glam go for the feather-light hues such as snowy white, pale pink, mint, aqua and light lavender.

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You may choose to go full-on unicorn with bold wall decals or a wallpaper on an accent wall or to take a more subtle approach by adding a bunch of themed pillows and throws. However, you can be sure your little dreamer would prefer if you surprise her with a snuggly pal. A creative play is the best way for your little princess to engage with the imaginary world and a plush unicorn will also serve as a perfect companion for dozing off to Dreamland.

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Even longer than with unicorns, children have been in love with all things equestrian, from ponies to horseback riding. Unlike the unicorn theme, the horse theme can be implemented in both boys’ and girl’ rooms. So, if your little ones love these glorious animals, there’s nothing stopping you from transforming their room into the wilderness where horses run free. Get creative and choose from a variety of wall art, stencils, bed linen, plush animals and more, for the ultimate horse-inspired room. The good news is that the horse motifs are very adaptable and can be used for putting together a rustic, vintage, boho or even a classic modern room.

horses in childrens rooms

horse poster kid's room

vintage horse poster


horse wall mural sticker

horse decor in girls' rooms

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horse decor childrens room

black and white equestrian wallpaper

Rocking horse and the hobby horse are a must if you decide to go with this theme in your toddler’s room. In addition to being adorable décor pieces, these toys are ideal for developing creativity and spurring imagination, while at the same time encouraging physical activity. By swishing back and forth, the little riders can pretend that they are galloping or soaring through the air on their favourite stallion. You can opt for a vintage wooden rocking horse for that rustic vibe or a plush one that is more suitable for a modern room.

equestrian themed nursery


rattan rocking horse


So which one do you think will be your child’s favourite? The unicorn or the horse?

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