Kids love going to the circus because of its magical appeal and hilarious comedy. The playful and surreal environment, full of energy, leaves a strong, positive impression on almost every child. By designing a circus-themed kid’s room, you will be able to revoke that feeling each day and, at the same time, create a fresh and exciting space for your little ones to play in. Remember, the circus theme doesn’t have to be bursting with colours and trinkets; the key lies in moderation and details.

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, without further ado, we present to you stylish circus-themed kids’ rooms (coupled with easy-to-follow tips on how to master the look)!


We are all familiar with the red and white striped circus tents, right? For all those who are willing to go bold with this theme, painting the ceiling in the distinct striped pattern ranks pretty high on the awesome scale! You can extend the stripes all the way down the walls or finish them with rounded ends (check the images below for inspiration), and of course, although authentic, they do not necessarily have to be red & white. If you want, you can skip the stripes and just paint the rounded ends between the ceiling and walls. The choice is all yours! But one thing is sure; your kids are going to have so much fun living in a circus tent, performing their everyday stunts!

circus themed kid's room

circus decor kids room

circus themed childrens' room

painted circus tent ceiling


Besides stripes and stars, the harlequin or diamond pattern is also strongly associated with the circus. It is a beautiful, playful and subtle pattern that you can use to cover entire walls or introduce in accents through prints, furniture or pillows.

circus décor for kid's room

harlequin paint ideas


harlequin wallpaper

harlequin paint diy



Now that you have established the backdrop in your circus-themed kids’ room, it’s time to dip into the pool of accessories and liven up the space with some funky details. Garnish the room with fun and whimsy circus-themed posters and drawings with animals, tents, clowns or stuntmen. Also, don’t waver when it comes to decorative garlands, especially with colourful flags in toned down hues. Feel free to stretch them across the room, and they will bring the magic of the circus in return. And if you have a canopy, it can act as an improvised tent for the play corner, too. But if you prefer to have a real circus tent, there are some gorgeous options out there you can purchase.

ikea kid's room


balance toy kid's room


mrs mighetto posters

mrs mighetto

circus poster kid's room

circus poster kid's room

circus play tent


circus themed baby nursery


The circus is all about movement and action at every corner, with clowns and stuntmen performing exciting and daring acts. That means you can introduce all sorts of activities to the room like gym rings and hula hoops. What a fun thing to have for releasing that extra energy!

hula hoops kid's room

indoor slide kid's room


gym accessories for kid's room


Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! That was all for tonight, but come back tomorrow, because Kids’ Interiors have many more exciting design tricks to share with you!


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