Organizing and decorating a small space is always a challenge, especially if it is intended for the kids. Some of the main problems parents usually face are the lack of storage and space for unstructured play time. But, all the difficulties surrounding small room design can be reduced or even overcome by putting into action some simple tricks we are about to share with you today. When implemented correctly, they will lead to the transformation of your little one’s room into a cosy, tucked up bedroom that is going to make more spacious rooms green with envy.

So, the big question here is how to fulfill all the room’s requirements without over-cluttering it? Let’s start at the beginning!


When choosing a colour for the walls, it is essential that you go for neutrals as they will bounce off light easier than dark tones thus giving the impression of more spacious and airy space. Applying simple patterns can add extra depth too. Just remember – the smaller and more numerous they are, the bigger the walls will appear. Now that you have your canvas, you can later add your colours of choice through a nice carpet, bedding, furniture pieces or accessories. However, it’s important to know that too many vibrant hues can create a visual mess in a small space, decreasing its size even further.

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kids bed with integrated storage


Start with the must-haves and work from there – de facto a bed and storage! Although you could squeeze in a traditional single bed, the space that’s going to be wasted that way is unacceptable. Instead, look for age-appropriate beds with built-in storage or expandable ones such as the IKEA Busunge to free up a bit of extra space. If you don’t have too much stuff even a simple bedstead that’s high enough to allow room for storage boxes would do the job. But, a loft bed is probably the best space-saver a kid’s room can have. While the mattress is conveniently placed high above, the lower part is open for loads of possibilities – from a cool play nook to a productive working area. Multi-functionality is the key here!

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In small kids’ room, walls are your best buddies! So, shelves of all shapes and sizes are a must! Besides from being one of the best ways to free yourself from clutter, shelves offer an excellent opportunity for decorating whether by arranging accessories or opting for one or more of many fun and unique shelf solutions on the market. Cloth hangers and bars, suspended storage bag; keep the walls busy, they won’t mind! Just don’t go too crazy with colours.

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Using different woven baskets is a brilliantly stylish way to solve the problem of clutter in the kid’s room. Whether in a combination with shelving units or by simply scattering them on the floor, toys will find their way off the floor with ease. Kids love to drag these baskets around, so, in a way, they act as toys too. Also, one of the smartest ideas you could possibly get is to find workhorse toys that can be used to store other trinkets. Think about the storage solution that comes on wheels. Just brilliant!

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No interior design can compensate for the messy room. Kids need to understand that cleaning up after they are done playing is essential if they want to make the most of their room. Prepare for THE talk and be ready to teach by example.

You can do this!



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