Modern kids’ interiors dispense with tradition, reinventing the rule book or throwing it out altogether. Challenging such convention and stereotype forces us to revaluate what is possible, so it’s only right that we should question why blue shouldn’t be for girls too. After all, there is so much more to blue than the powdery or baby hue we most regularly associate with nurseries, newborns and little people.

The colour blue covers so much ground. At one end of the spectrum, there’s the moody midnight and deep navy tones that create cosy and classic room schemes. Then there are tropical hues of aquamarine, cerulean and teal that breathe vacation vibes into room décor. Pastel hues of minty and sky-blue fuse with other pastels on the spectrum to create bright and breezy spaces with a vintage feel.

You see, blue is a versatile hue, and it’s absolutely not reserved for boys! Don’t believe us? Then take a look at these 14 gorgeous girls’ rooms with blue at their design core. We’re willing to bet you’ll be browsing the paint charts before you can say Royal Blue and French Navy!


Becca opts for an accent wood-panelled wall in her tween girl’s room. The colour is a faded teal verging on a cadet blue. It works effortlessly with the rattan day bed and the bespoke sign by @simpleplaceonmain.


Pastel turquoise is the perfect match for delicate powdery pink and apricot blush. The result is a refreshing virtual trip to the Caribbean for Camile’s girly vintage room. We love the shimmery garland evoking thoughts of the glistening sea with a honeycomb sun dangling above.

Minty blue wallpaper teamed with a peachy canopy and bunting signals a fresh look for this girls’ room. How fitting that the delicate pattern of birds and flora is called ‘Spring is Coming’? The mint wall basket plays home to two bunnies in cahoots who seem quite at home in the natural surroundings.


Show me a girl who wouldn’t want her room papering in True Unicorns in Evening Blue. That’s the sweet and whimsical name given to this magical wall covering by @majvillan. It’s a shade that resembles a watered-down air force blue with a sprinkling of blush-winged unicorns. The layering of bed linen in a palette of terracotta, sky blue and creamy peach complements the overall aesthetic completed only with a burst of vintage denim blue in the waffle throw.


This is the dark and moody combination we referred to in the introduction. French navy and peony pink combine to produce a princess room full of boho beauty with a mystical Mrs Mighetto print for good measure. Sandberg’s Ava wallpaper brings the bloom in a fusion of green, turquoise and blue.


Subtle is the story in this minimal room full of peaceful paradise vibes. A panoramic forest mural by @lesdominotiers brings a sense of Wedgewood with its shades of chalky, petrol, and powdery blue tinged with a milky white.


Bold but still oh so pretty, this girly nursery pairs petrol blue and teal flashes in the Moody Floral peel and stick mural by @rockymountaindecals. The teal canopy is a delight and accentuates the thistles, leaves and stamen of this wonderfully intricate wallcovering. It’s sweet and strong in equal measure, and we adore it!


Of course, the room’s colour doesn’t always have to hark from the paint or the wallpaper. Sofia demonstrates this point with panache in three-year-old Clara’s tranquil bedroom. The vintage wardrobe’s duck egg blue is achieved with the chalky Blue Summer Sky paint by @creadecorarecicla. It makes us think of sun-drenched summer skies and heavenly beachy days.

There’s nothing blah blah blah about this regal ‘peek-out-the-plane-window’ room design. The layering of dreamy white, silvery grey and powder blue makes us feel like we’re floating in the clouds and what a wonderful disposition for a place destined for dreams and sleep. There’s a hint of ice queen, too so maybe it could be on the shortlist for your budding Ana’s and Elsa’s.

The colour palette of vintage pottery sets the tone for this feminine vision of Victoriana. There’s an air of French chic delivered by a palette of cornflower blue and periwinkle. There’s an expanse of teapot blue, but its delivery through the medium of stripes, florals, solids and patterns makes for a delicate blend.

The design brief for this modern, magical bedroom was ‘not too pink’.  Farrow and Ball’s light blue paint and neutral carpet seal the deal allowing a token pale pink canopy into the slumber party. A flutter of cool eyelashes, Wonder and Rah’s cheetah framed print and a collection of bright cushion keep things funky. Another injection of blue in the form of an indigo throw completes Ivy’s sassy bedroom design.

Annie’s nursery does the unthinkable, bringing together both of the conventional boy/girl baby blue/powder pink palettes. It’s a room full of floaty romanticism and not short on the furry and fluffy quotient either. The pastel tones give way to an airy, light-filled space, and that cloud-dappled sky-blue wall is the perfect backdrop for a hot-air balloon print and all of its ‘drifting-off-to-sleep’ connotations.

Blue and brown, never a frown! The combination of Flowersea Mini wallpaper in blue by @bibelotte with an abundance of toffee terracotta, rattan and natural wood is a classic paired-back Scandi look for this enquiring girls’ room. Stylish simplicity at its finest.


Deepest, darkest, bottom-of-the-ocean-blue is the recipe for a bold colour-blocked wall treatment in this beautiful bedroom. Just a dusting of pink in the bedlinen and star cushion lets us know that a girl dwells here. And what a lucky girl too. The designated reading corner is inspired with a sign commanding ‘read’ above that deep-dive circular sofa.


Turquoise scallops have it for Harper’s super-cool Scandi nursery. The less is more approach keeps the mercury bubbling at high on the trendometer. Dusty rose is the perfect partner for this calming ocean shade, and it’s carried through with conviction in the dalmatian print dress, framed print and ornamental ‘H’. Even the covers of the Little People, Big Dreams book got the colour palette memo.


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