Green has the ability to breathe a sense of life into almost any space, and this collection of twelve boys’ rooms is no exception. Sometimes it’s a subtle hue brought by furnishings and foliage, and others, it’s a full-on verdant immersion of lush wallpaper and accent walls. Whatever way it manifests itself, the colour green in interior design brings a fresh and inviting perspective to spaces that’s clean, calming and optimistic.


Take a feature wall daubed with Rustoleum’s chalkboard paint in School House Green and add some hand chalked Fortnite doodles, and you have the boy’s bedroom of dreams. Wow, Brittany certainly delivered big on Madden’s grown-up boy’s room. There are Fortnite references everywhere, yet still, style abounds in this well-crafted space.


Benjamin Moore’s Caldwell Green paint hails from their historical collection range and brings a refined edge to this characterful room. It’s a grey-green that vibes well with natural materials and provides an elegant backdrop for this impressive accent wall. Did you ever see a headboard of such magnificent proportions? And those bow chairs by @jojomommydallas are just adorable.


Scandi vibes and earthy tones are how Becky describes Harry’s room transformation. An inexpensive assembly of large square panels in a tranquil milky green creates a sense of grandeur. The shade is a custom Valspar mix matched to a much-loved piece of furniture, and it’s perfectly set off with a centrally placed string of multicoloured @Zarahome bunting. A burst of late afternoon sunshine from the coupling of terracotta and tangerine cushions completes the picture.


Noah’s cute little corner gets its jungle vibes from an intense injection of a rich leafy, forest green. The two-tone colour-block treatment provides respite with a brilliant white sky that highlights a pack of decal jungle pals’ by @by.crealicious frolicking. Just visible in the bottom right corner is another touch of interior genius. Do you see the cupboard with its reverse colour blocking? Daddy’s DIY untreated tepee bed lovingly crafted completes this vignette of boyhood adventure.


In her little man’s room, Sonny Jade dips her toe tentatively in the sea of green with a winning combination of neutrals and natural vegetation. A textured fabric bed in a precious shade of emerald lends a grown-up feel to 5-year-old Isaak’s bedroom. The Jurassic bedlinen and the sleepy lion cushion are the only tell-tale signs of a small person. It’s bright and welcoming while understated and ordered. We love it.


The anarchy in this room is real, but it’s a stylish, teenage-inspired anarchy of next-level detail. This space is an excellent example of how to channel colour without even lifting a paintbrush. There’s a very definite sense of green in this space, but it’s largely delivered by an imposing industrial storage cabinet and an expanse of khaki bedlinen. The more you look, the more evidence you will see of green, from the skateboard illustration and the military green side table to the pottery cacti and the rolling waves in the framed print.


Emrik’s sweet bedroom is a vision in pastel green. To be precise, it’s a Minty Breeze by @jotunsverige. This hue evokes a more infantile feel and is instantly cool and serene at the other end of the spectrum to jewelled and forest greens. Paired with a white bedstead and star decals, there’s an almost icy air to it. A touch of autumnal rust from the throw, cushion and plush fox lends a warming edge to proceedings.


Colour isn’t only derived from brush strokes and paint tins.  Wallpaper is a fabulous way to introduce a bold print anchored in a base colour of green. This @rebelwalls jungle wallpaper brings nature, exploration and a touch of drama to Zachary’s bedroom. A dense rug adds more texture, and shades of mustard and ochre complement the overall effect.


Sepp’s sea-foam green colour block accent wall is the perfect match for a parchment preserved stag beetle by @na.designstore. We admire the way the cute little bed by is treated to the same two-tone treatment in a delicious peach melba.


Tandem wood panelling in super sage brings all the sass to this sibling’s shared space with a hint of cosmic mono wallpaper. The asymmetric approach is aesthetically pleasing and does a sterling job of defining two distinct corners in this bedroom. The matching backlit alcoves designate special spaces for prized belongings while providing ambient lighting for bedtime stories.


Julek is one lucky boy because he gets to share his room with forest friends courtesy of this delightful wallpaper by It’s a subtle woodland green that infiltrates this nature-inspired space, complete with a natural pine bed and a larger-than-life apple wicker basket. Mr Fox illuminates this impromptu forest party with panache and coquettish charm.


We love this slice of Jade Mountain @insidenumber.3. It’s a feature wall at its best, denoting a cosy corner in a most majestic shade of pine green perfectly offset against timider pastel pistachio. Even the role play kitchen and ramp racer toy get in on the minty tinged action.

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