Although the heart symbol is long considered as somewhat of a cliche, to the extent of being entirely avoided at one point, this is no longer the case! Hearts of all colours and sizes are once again becoming a trend, showering kids’ rooms with love and warming them up. When applied as details they will make a significant impact and give the place a distinguishable romantic and nostalgic touch. But hearts love to be surrounded with other hearts so, using them in abundance or as a pattern is also a fabulous idea to consider.

heart poster

Now, let’s find the best way to fit the heart into your kid’s bedroom!


Heart-shaped pillows are a classic and a forever stylish and fun way of bringing the symbol of love to the kids’ rooms. Embellish the existing pillow collection on your little one’s bed by complementing it with a big huggable heart, or place one under the canopy to boost the romantic feel. Tone it up with the rest of the fabrics or let it stand as the focal point by choosing a contrasting or offbeat colour. Whichever the case, a heart-shaped pillow is surely going to become a heartwarming addition to the bed, nook, reading corner or any other relaxing area.

heart pillow kid's room


heart cushions cotton


girl's room with heart cushions


heart and star cushions


pink heart cushion


star and heart pillows


grey heart cushion


blue heart cushion



If you want to keep on decorating the bed with gentle hearts, then look no further than bedding! Choosing the right material and print for your kids’ bed sheets is very important because they need to be comfortable, snug and relaxed. So then, can you imagine a more warming environment for sleeping than being embraced by hearts?

heart blanket


kids bedding with hearts


childrens bedding with hearts


Light up the heart and let its rays illuminate the room! The warm glow will act as an accent source of light beside the bed and at the same time as a beautiful piece of décor for the walls. You can always go with a DIY option and craft your own glowing heart using a simple base and a string of fairy lights wrapped around it. It’s a fairly easy way to create a magical ambience in the room when the main lights are turned off.

heart string light

heart neon light


There are other ways to brighten up the walls using hearts. You can do wonders by adorning entire walls with repeating patterns, and create a cute backdrop in your little girl’s room. However, you ought to be careful not to go overboard and end up on the kitsch side. Black, grey and gold hearts against a white or pink background is a gorgeous combination to consider!

white hearts wallpaper

pottery barn kids

heart wall decals


grey heart wall decals


gold heart wallpaper


And finally, as the cream of the crop, go ahead and adorn the room by spreading heart garlands! Hanging over the play area or bed, these little décor elements are always welcomed guests in kids’ rooms.

heart garland baby kid's room


heart décor for kid's room


We always say that when decorating a kid’s room one must put their heart into it, even if it’s just a plush one!

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