Fables and fairy-tales do not belong solely to the heroes and heroines of our favourite storybooks. Creating a magical room at home for your own little princess is entirely within the realms of possibility. It will help ignite and sustain their wildest fantasies, set the stage to re-enact and keep their most-treasured stories alive and ensure that they’ll never forget the way to fairyland.

Want to know how? The recipe is surprisingly quite simple. You’ll need equal parts imagination and inspiration but don’t worry; we can help you with the latter. Add a large helping of sultry colours, romantic floral wallcoverings and garnish with floaty fabrics, layered linens and oh-so-pretty lights. A Mrs Mighetto print or similar will promote you to classic fairy-tale status before you can say ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair’, and bunting, blooms and flighty objects will add a spellbinding quality to delight. A canopy is mandatory. Whether it’s of the reading corner variety, a head of the bed affair or a dramatic display of drapery, think of it as the magical castle within. So, there you have it, the key ingredients for flights of fancy and fairy-tale bedrooms to fawn over. Before you turn and click your heels three times, be sure to complete your makeover with a liberal sprinkling of pixie dust.

Now, channel your inner Cinderella and have a ball as you feast on some of our favourite fairy-tale inspired rooms for girls


Sandberg’s romantic, floral Ava wallpaper brings the midnight magic into this dreamy room. Steal the inspiration and create your own kingdom by adding a canopy over a day bed or chaise longue. We love the addition of Hartendief’s mama and baby bear wall decals and sleepy moon light, but similarly, you could add a festive star like the one shown here from @depot_online.


There could almost be a lookbook just to showcase the myriad ways you can style a canopy. Here a scalloped edge and tie backs make for a turreted feel for demi damsels. Add floaty decorative embellishments to create a sense of flight and motion. Delicate blush bunting and olive walls conspire to create Victorian vibes, and the gentle glow of the yellow neon love heart light alludes to fairy-tale happy ever afters.


There’s something about sepia-toned styling and florals that instantly exudes romanticism and harks back to times of Aesop’s fables. This room suggests otherworldly creatures to us, no doubt in part due to Mrs Mighetto influences. You can achieve this look with muted floral wallpapers and a ‘barely there’ palette of bedlinens and throws. Add in a bramble print like Garbo & Friends’ Blackberry and go big on flouncy light fittings like this petal-inspired creation by George’s Stores.


The walls do not always have to bring the blooms. In the absence of a floral wallcovering, you can introduce romance by way of an oversized potted plant, dried flowers or a strategically placed posy of blossoms. In this story, we feel like a charming prince may have bequeathed these beauties to the sleeping princess in a bid to win her over. A hovering fairy in the framed print reinforces the sentiment that ‘life is magic’.


There’s no need to close your eyes to visit a world of fantasy in this room. It’s all right there in front of your eyes. Delicate floral wallpaper and a macramé-top canopy. The requisite Mrs Mighetto print draped in a rosy-hued bunting plus a collection of mystical and magical creatures including a wall-mounted swan and a garland of nymphs, unicorns and toadstools. And the icing on the cake? A vintage-inspired Scandi swing to recreate your very own Secret Garden adventures.


Sometimes all you need to visit faraway lands is an imagination and a cosy corner. Create your own at home by choosing dark furniture or upcycling your existing bed with toxic-free paints in petroleum. This ornate bed head helps to achieve the overall romantic look, and once the canopy is added, it produces a real spectacle. The white wood-panelled walls and bedside table bring a touch of light and balance, complementing the lilies and passion flowers in Sandberg’s Sandra wallpaper in misty blue.


Rattan brings a softness and romance into interiors that just naturally translates into beauty. Team with pastels in blush, apricot, peaches and creams and achieve a sacred space for daydreams and flights of fancy.


A simple paneless window frame can inject an air of intrigue and mystery in a magical room setting. A figurative window on the world allows this room’s inhabitant to peer into whichever garden or land they imagine from the comfort and safety of their own bed!


If Mrs Mighetto can’t do fairy-tale then there’s little hope for any of us. Needless to say, this room is the epitome of mythical with a room full of frolicking ponies. We’re ever so slightly in love with the swan rug, seemingly poised to assume magic carpet qualities and transport us away.


Textured paint finishes akin to freshly plastered walls add a certain elegance to this little girl’s room. The dramatic drapery brings a unique take on the fairy-tale staple canopy, hovering above like a vast dreamy make-believe cloud.


As if this room wasn’t full of wonder already without the appearance of Pelle, the rabbit. The composition of the room, combined with the image exposure accentuates the mystery further. We love how the ornamental rabbit mimics the real animal, both holding their own in a contest of musical statues. A nightdress bag is strewn on the vintage dark wooden crib awaiting its own little Tinkerbell to get dressed for nighttime adventures.


For a charming bedroom that can deliver new stories at will, consider providing the magic with less permanence. This ‘night sky’ backdrop creates the stage for ever-changing tales. This week’s stars, balloons and butterflies could be next week’s ponies, pixies and peacocks. Explore removable stickers, decals and garlands. They can be a relatively inexpensive way to your own Neverland.


Enchanted rooms can easily be created with rich autumnal colours and shades that evoke the midnight sky just like this marvel by interior designer, Lisa Holmnäs. A graceful swan appears to glide out of the slate teal canopy against a canvas of breathtaking blooms.


Recreate this vintage look with a carved wooden headboard complemented with a delicate antique cream canopy. Powder paint walls, a carved wooden horse and a bell jar of butterflies fuse to invent a scene that could have come straight out of His Dark Materials.

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