Every little fairytale princess needs a magical chamber where she can retreat after a long and exhausting day of governing her beautiful kingdom. It should be a place full of soft colours that are as light as a feather; a comfortable, dreamy nook, embraced with bright stars and the crescent Moon. Imagine your daughter reading a book, playing with her dolls or just taking a quick nap in such an enchanted room.. It’s time to open the spell book and take a look at the ingredients necessary for fashioning a girl’s room with magic!

white beige magic girls rooms

winter daisy/thescarlettdoor.com


Just for a moment, put the magic wand down and grab a roller and some brushes, because the first ingredient needed to create a magical room is to put some colour on those walls. But, not just any! Sweet, gentle colours such as pastels, beige and cream whites and other light paints are essential for achieving the dreamy effect. Through different accessories and accent walls, you could throw in pops of vibrant or muted hues, just to stir things up a bit. And gold, don’t forget gold!

romantic girls room


gold wall kids room

cotton on

rose wallpaper

miss kyree loves

girls rooms with flowers



Equal tenderness can be passed onto the walls with carefully chosen wallpapers. Go with nature and flowers with the same colour palette mentioned in the previous paragraph and watch as the magic unfolds before your eyes!

vintage flowery wallpaper nursery


blue canopy kids room



Like little thrones, canopies with their elegant and royalist look will instantly bring magic into any room. Canopies could either be placed to hang above the bed or crib transforming them into magical vessels straight to dreamland or could act as separate nooks. If you opt for the second choice, make sure to cram in enough throws and pillows to make the place as comfy as possible!

flowery canopy

freddie and ava

magic kids room

villa skogshuset

cot with padded headboard


kids room Mrs Mighetto poster



Feel free to experiment with lights. Although there is no wrong way to arrange them, no harm will come from sharing a few useful tips. If the canopy is the most desirable piece of decor in girls’ rooms full of magic, then letting the lights hang from its top is a must! Like faraway stars, they’ll ideally compliment the already serene atmosphere under canopy. These lights could also be used as captivating accent sources of light for different places in the room – just take a look at these photos and you’ll get the idea.

coral peach canopy

bellalulu styling

beige canopy


mustard colour canopy


Little Rae prints

little rae prints

stringlights in kids rooms

winter daisy/pinterest

stringlights in childrens rooms



Stars have always been mysterious and magical things, never leaving anyone indifferent in their presence. You can gaze at them for hours on end and won’t get tired of their dazzling, twinkling lights. Invite them to your kid’s room, and they’ll gladly bring the magic with them! Like with the light, you are free to guide the stars to their final destination. They could be used to garnish the canopy further or placed on walls as fun accent pieces. The more you put, the more chances for a falling star which means more little princess’ wishes will come true!

christmas star light


star in a kids room


white canopy for kids room

interior by sarah

star garland


stars in a nursery

pinterest/hibou home

Now, all that’s left is for your little girl to give the spark that’s going to set the magic in motion.

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