Today we are touring the gorgeous nursery of Genie, newborn daughter of talented Australian kids interior designer Kristy Young at Minnie and Me Interiors. It has a feminine and whimsical style with just the right amount of texture and interest. We are really loving all the details – especially the incredibly unique wallpaper designed by Little Rae for her own wallpaper manufacturing company.Thank you, Kristy, for sharing with us. We’ll let you take it from here!

minnie and me interiors

We welcomed our second bub, Genie on 29/11/18 (now 12 weeks old). Biased mum right here, but she is a little darling and she perfectly completes our little family of four.  I’m Kristy, her Mum. My husband is Ben and our eldest daughter is Minnie (3 in March). I feel very blessed to have a wonderful husband and two little girls. We live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  I am the founder of Minnie and Me Interiors, a small family wallpaper, wall decal and interior styling business.

wallpaper with swans

Genie’s nursey design started with her beautiful and whimsical wallpaper… Carousel Rose. I think room designs always start with the wallpaper (if you are using it). Carousel Rose is our second exclusive wallpaper in our collaboration with Summer Daniels, from Little Rae Prints. Carousel Rose is a combination of two of Summer’s popular, original and whimsical artworks – Carousel Unicorn and Carousel Swan. Both elicit a sense of magic and unicorns are all the rage right now for kiddies.

gold metal cot

As we’re not living in our forever home, I wasn’t going to design Genie a nursery.  Instead, I was going to create a “nursery nook” for her in our bedroom.  Yes, it was going to have wallpaper and some beautiful décor, but after sitting with it for some time, I just couldn’t do it! How could I have made a beautiful bedroom for her big sister, Minnie and not one our beautiful little Genie? Especially when we had a third room that was just filled with junk!  So, we began clearing the room and months of planning to create this beautiful space, maybe my favourite room yet?! (Big call, I’ll let you guys decide.)

vintage shabby-chic changing table dresser

I must admit though… designing, installing, styling and shooting a nursery for a second bub is so much harder than for the first! Minnie’s nursery was set up months before her birth, but with feeling super tired and unwell during my second pregnancy, chasing around an active toddler, working 3 days per week plus running our wallpaper business, enjoying Christmas and the festive season, and going away on summer holidays… this room has been a long time in the making.  It looks glamorous designing and styling kids’ rooms, but I can tell you, it’s really hard work… just to give you an idea, Raff and I had our four kids to look after and collect from kinder, whilst styling and taking photos on shoot day, fun (and chaotic) times!! Parents really are masters at multi-tasking!

pink canopy for nursery

I would describe Genie’s nursery as Vintage Luxe… not sure that’s even a thing, but that’s what I’m going with. It contains lots of metallic rose gold and gold, along with lots of pinks (of course), combined with my signature vintage and feminine style.  And don’t forget the blooms, I absolutely had to throw in my fave… flowers! You’ll spot flowers in the wallpaper, cot sheets, on Genie’s dresses and headbands and on her soft toys.  The wallpaper inspired the colour palette… pinks with a touch of deep plum.   I adore the pop of green we added with the festival velvet teal cushion from The Banyan Tree. Green is certainly a colour that is predicted to feature strongly in 2019.

pink chandelier

grey nursery rocking chair

An important side note about all the PINK: I am aware that I am naturally drawn to the colour pink.  It’s pretty and makes me feel happy as a lark. As parents, we need to make choices for our bubs about the colour palette for their first room.  I love the colour pink, I always have, and I always will.  I wear pink and I have pink in other rooms in our home.  Whilst I love pink, and have probably inspired Minnie’s love for pinks, in no way do I think pink is for girls and blue is for boys.  I think we should challenge gender stereotypes and allow children to have a choice, but it’s ok for me to like pink!  If my children wish to change their bedrooms later, they absolutely can. They might like blue, or they might like neutrals, or they might like colour. All of this is ok with me.  These will be important conservations that we will all have. Our play space is also very non-gender specific. It is filled with colour and toys that inspire creative and non-gender specific play. There is a kitchen, dolls and a dollhouse, but there are also cars, racing tracks, trains and paw patrol vehicles. I am a strong, independent and successful woman that likes pink, and my girls can be too (if they choose to).

nursery furniture shabby country chic

The hardest decision was where to put the wallpaper.  Design wise, it’s always best to install your wallpaper on the first wall your eye hits, but this is the wall with a large window in it.  I was initially going to wallpaper only around the window, but later, I decided against it, as I really wanted the wallpaper to be a feature, and I just didn’t think it would be, if we were to only cover these very small walls. Plus, I knew the small walls would be semi covered by the canopy and other decorative items, so the wallpaper would have gotten lost.  If it was my forever home, I may have wallpapered all three walls that are visible when entering the room (you all know I freaking love wallpaper, there is nothing that comes close in regards to covering a feature wall, it adds colour, character and depth).  In the end, I went with the wall which contains the wardrobe, as this is where I planned to place the cot (and the bed or cot should always be touching the feature wall).  I’m happy with my decision, as the eye travels to the beautiful rose gold cot framed by the whimsical wallpaper.  I was thrilled to use our Ellie cot by Incy Interiors again, it is absolutely the most stunning cot on the market in my opinion.

white vintage style nursery dresser

shabby chic pink kids decor

Styling and Photography : Raffaela Jenkins, Indi and Bear


The enchanting ABC book : Adored illustrations I Velvet storage stool : Bianca Design I Bow shelves : Devine Design I pendant light : Elok Store I Wooden hedgehogs : Head in the cloud’s studio I Wooden name blocks : Howe and Zo I  Cot sheet, comforter (pink) and cushions (pink and blue) : Petite Vigogne I Blanket : Garbo & Friends I Blessed print : Lily Loves Suka I Carousel Unicorn and Carousel Swan print : Little Rae Prints I Butterfly decals : Little Rae prints I Vintage embrace blanket : Little Red Hook I Carousel Rose Wallpaper by Little Rae Prints : Minnie and Me Interiors I Padded playmat : Munchkin and Bear I Baskets : Munchkin and Bear I Bunting : Pretty Petite Co I Tillie print A2 : Sailah Lane I Cot sheet : Sleep Sheets I Blush print : Sprout and Sparrow I Bunny doll : Taila Danae Designs I Toy bassinet and high chair : Tiny Harlow I Nam plaque : T-leaf creations I Decorative cushion : White cub collective I Tulle pom pom garland : Winnie Dot I Name wall mount : Winnie Dot I Sequin moon : Moon and Willow I Wall hanging : Moon and Willow I Floor cushion : Zaabre

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