Kids these days are often growing up alienated from the countryside, not spending nearly enough time outdoors, let alone have the opportunity to familiarise themselves up close with animals other than their pets.  We’ve mentioned these issues in few of our previous articles without delving into the core of the problem leaving the topic to be discussed on lifestyle blogs and magazines. However, what we’ve always done is offer creative solutions on how to bring Mother Nature and various outdoor activities closer to home, more precisely to your kids’ rooms. And that’s why we’re here today!

Without further ado, let’s go and give your little ones a taste of the exciting farm life!

Domestic Animals

When visiting a farm, the first thing you would expect to see are numerous domestic animals, right? So the key is to focus your attention on finding a way to introduce them to the room without staining the carpet with mud.

Luckily, there are plenty of clever ways to do just that!

One way of doing this is by putting the walls to work. This is one theme where you can really have fun and express your creativity using wallpapers, by painting a mural or hanging art without any string attached.

But, which animal should you pick?

Well, if you are going to choose your kid’s dearest domestic animal, then the answer is pretty straightforward, but if you want to make a kind of a statement here are a few grand ideas.

The majestic horse which represents strength and stamina can be an excellent source of inspiration for your little one and a beautiful decor extension to the room at the same time.

Or how about toning it down a bit and introducing a couple of sheep which your little one can count to sleep?


emerson grey designs


On the other hand, have a go with the rooster if they’re having trouble waking up.

Continuing along, we come across a pig – they might be messy creatures you wouldn’t want to invite to your bed but after taking a look at these plush ones, you’ll reconsider.

Even More Animals

From walls to floors, sheepskin and cow hides are another way to rally up the animals in their rooms. Playing on the floor will move to a whole new level of fun, which naturally brings us to toys.

Horse and sheep shaped ride-ons are surely going to put a smile on the little ones’ faces and make them feel like adventurers, while a herd of toy farm animals will let them create a small ranch right in their room.

Fruits and Vegetables

Maybe your kids have a green thumb and would like to focus on cultivating fruits and vegetables on their farm instead? If that is the case, then forget animal husbandry and embrace agriculture! Let them grow their own groceries with toy fruits and veggies which they can later sell using their play-pretend food stands.


With these tips at your disposal and a straw hat on your head, you’ll have no trouble bringing the atmosphere of the farm to your kid’ bedroom.

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