Chloe is a secondary school teacher in Rochford, United Kingdom, and mother to two beautiful girls, Esme three years old, and Heidi, nine months. Her passion for DIY and interior design thrived when she designed their playroom which is a mix of fun, pops of colour, creativity and wittiness. Here is what she has to tell us about it.

colourful playroom

“I get such a kick out of creating beautiful spaces with my own fair hands. There’s nothing I find more satisfying than glancing over ‘before and afters’ and best of all- the spaces I create are usually reigned in by a tight budget. It’s amazing what you can achieve without breaking the bank!”

playroom with house wall decor

“The playroom was just so much fun to create! I’m a self confessed colour lover so where better to unleash my inner rainbow than on a kids room! I hand painted the wall murals myself and teamed the little characters with the cutest balloon wall lights from IKEA.”

playroom wall ideas

“One of my favourite features is the OSB fronted cabinet- it’s a far cry from its dull high gloss veneered predecessor. The best thing about OSB is its versatility; you can stick things to it, pin things to it, paint it or just leave it! It looks great and it’s so cheap to buy!”

“It was important that this room was appealing for both of my children. As Heidi is just 9 months old I wanted the room to deliver a sensory experience; the use of monochrome (babies can’t get enough!) the lighting, the colours, the textures – you can just see it in her little face, she is taking it all in!”

chalkboard wall playroom

 “The girls also have a funky little chalkboard wall to let loose on and a designated space for their little masterpieces! I couldn’t help but add my own creative flare by adding some hand-lettering techniques and quotes from one of my all time favourite children’s authors; Dr. Seuss.”

playroom with teepee

“The room also features a couple of up-cycled items- the tree stump footstool actually houses an old tyre, topped with MDF and covered with some felt and an old velvet curtain!”

fun handmade lampshade

“The lamp stand came from a charity shop- I think I paid £2. I painted the shade with fabric paint and added a pom pom trim because… POM POMS!!”

masking tape playroom

“Esme loves imaginary play and so I wanted to create an area for her where she can get lost in her own little world. I painted a mini town of houses on one wall using my trusty reel of frog tape and gave the IKEA play kitchen a makeover to make it extra special for her. She has been in her element!”

paper ceiling pom poms

black dots kids room

“I also wanted to experiment with painted ceilings and I really think the stripes are a total triumph- rather than making the room look smaller (as you may expect) they actually draw the eye up. In my opinion they just give the whole space that je ne sais quoi!”

“It’s a great room! We use it everyday and the space is so dynamic that I can’t see them growing out of it for some time.”

Copyight : Chloe Gets Creative

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