Tucked in the treetops of a small countryside town in Sweden hides the dreamy toddler room of little Ernst. Inviting and playful, this little boy’s haven features a turquoise colour scheme and a fabulous wallpaper!

ideas wall decor nursery

In this cosy kid’s room, everything has a purpose and was thoughtfully planned out by his mum Isabella. Playful, cosy, unique and beautiful were her keywords for the concept. She wanted to give her son a room that encourages imagination and playtime by bringing all the toys and books at his fingertips. Ernst is a creative child who always comes up with new playtime ideas, so naturally, his mother wanted to create a perfect setting for his growing imagination to flourish.

playroom in sweden

cosy reading corner kids room

Ernst likes to read books, play with cars and tractors, but the play kitchen is by far his most favourite toy. The family actually made it themselves from the leftover material they had after they renovated their house. Ernst’s parents knew they wanted to give their son a play kitchen for his first birthday, but none of the ones they could find on the market was a good fit. They were either too tall or simply not matching the concept of the room, so mum and dad decided to roll up their sleeves and make one by themselves. Isabella made a sketch, and a few days later they had a play kitchen they’ve always dreamed of, completely adapted to Ernst’s needs.

handmade playkitchen diy

Choosing the wallpaper was easy for Isabella as she already had her favourite:

“It was hard not to make the room too busy with such a patterned wallpaper. When we first started putting everything together, the idea was to apply the wallpaper on just one wall. But then I thought – why not do the entire room? We decided to follow our gut, and that was the best choice we could make.”

whimsical wallpaper for a boys room

Also, Isabella knew she wanted turquoise to be the dominant colour and that the room needs to be not just pretty looking, but also practical, with lots of storage. The room that grows with the child.

turquoise in a boys room

“What I like the most is seeing my son have fun in his room. Watching him reach all his toys and books, and playing along when he invites us for the coffee and cookies.” says Isabella

black teepee

playful kid's room

What comes next is filling the room with more toys and at some point probably building a nice playful bed with a cosy underneath nook.

grey canopy nursery

dreamcatcher for nursery room

“Be creative and create many different play areas – one for each of your child’s favourite games. Save some play space and include a lot of storage. Create a room that your kid can grow in”  Isabella concludes.


Wallpaper: Boråstapeter (Charlie) I Bed – Ikea I Canopy: VaniMeli – Storage furniture: Ivar by Ikea I Carpet: Nödebo by Ikea I Bookshelf: Mosslanda by Ikea I  Pull toy: Neo mammoth by Kids Concept I Kids table: Sundvik by Ikea I White Chair: Sundvik by  IKEA I Blue chair: Nils from MIO I Green chair: inherited I Play food: Ikea, Lidll and Micki Toys I Mini coffee and tea set : Duktig by Ikea I Mini saucepans set: Duktig by Ikea I Banderol: Newbie by Kappahl I Animal trophy : Varuhus1 I Suitcases: Kids Concept I

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