Today we are visiting Norway on a quest to meet Emma and chat with her mum Lillian, designer of this magical toddler room you are about to fall in love with in a sec.

Lillian, going by her Instagram name @frk.mami, is a 27-year-old nurse-student with an incredible eye for design. But, besides from designing, she adds “My biggest passion in life is to be the best mommy I can be for Emma. I want to give her the whole world and as much love as possible. I strive to be a good role model for my girl“.

scandinavian style toddler room

Her Instagram account numbers well over 5k followers who adore her endeavours, together with the stores she collaborates with. “I still don’t understand that I have over 5K followers that support my work – very grateful”.

 But, behind all the numbers there is a lot of talent, passion and dedication. It all started as a hobby! “When I was home when Emma was a baby, we had a lot of spare time. And one day I just wanted to try it out. I made a new IG account, and then my new hobby took place”. It all started with Lillian taking cute pictures of her daughter stating that “It also wanted a thing that I could do together with her, so that’s why I loved it from the start”. And when she got older (she is almost two now), it became more challenging to take good pictures of her daughter, so she started to get more interested in baby room interior photography.

montessori toddler room

pink ball pit

 “Emma’s room is her little princess bubble, where she is the boss and mommy and daddy have to do what she says. We always have so much fun in her room! I think it’s important that she has a place where she can do what she wants, be creative and play”, says Lillian.

 She wanted something unique, so she started by choosing the colours which were at the same time her favourite ones. “I wanted a light room, and the colours I like the most are pink, gold and grey. Now that she is older I wanted to change the room from baby to little girl – so I added more grey to take away the baby-theme“.

pink kids rug

She went on to explain, “The gold softens up the room – I think it gives the whole theme a warm and elegant look. And the combination of pink and grey never gets old. I LOVE IT!

 We too simply love the combination of these three hues – a soft pink touch over a grey backdrop and just a pop of gold. Magic! Lillian says, “I wanted to have a clean and elegant room. I wanted it to be a dream room, she is my little princess and she deserves a room like that.

pink and grey girl's room

For us, it was impossible to single out a favourite item or part of Emma’s dream bedroom as every bit is entangled with one another creating a one of a kind, gorgeous unity. When we asked Lillian whether she has a favourite piece, she replied, “My favourite piece is the pink ball pit, the bean bag, the house bed (which was built by Emma’s dad) and the grey blanket with pompoms. And we love the new swing we got from kiigik – It was perfect in her room. The only thing on my must-have list is a white indoor slide. She is getting that for her second birthday – shhhhh!

The future is bright, and Lillian isn’t about to put on the breaks any time soon. “I have some plans for her future room, but first we have to move. But, her next room will have more colours – I’m still thinking of keeping the grey but, maybe I will add a plum colour with some pink interior. Time will show.”

swing for kid's' room

And as an epilogue to this amazing tour, Lillian wanted to share a crucial piece of advice with our readers!

 “Make your own style, and buy what you like. Make it unique.


Housebed : DIY I Chest of Drawers : Ikea I  Beanbag, pillow, playmat : Fayne I Pink pompom blanket : VognVerden I Swing : Kiigik I Pink Ball Pit : Misioo I Gold dots wall decals : Ebay I Round pink velour pillow : Fayne I Grey blanket with pompoms : Wish I Bedding : Kid I Grey pouf : Fayne I Mammout style pouf : Lekmer I Round velvet pouf : Wigiwama I Suitcases : Belle & Co I Pink toy basket : Jox Textile I Sleepy Eyes : Creative Tuesday I Elephant wall trophy : Wild & Soft I Miffy lamp : My Little Room I White canopy : Jollein I Golden star garland : Cotton & Sweets I Suspended grey pompoms : Sunbeauty I Fluffy white ceiling lamp : Vita Copenhagen I Bunny shelf : Vox I Deer print : Isla Dream Prints I Unicorn print : Nicole Mc Namara Art Prints I Rug : Rusta I


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