Charles and Ray Eames were the most well-known mid-century modern designers and probably some of the greatest creative minds that have ever lived. The American husband and wife duo made such a significant contribution to the development of modern architecture and furniture design that the waves they’ve created are still very much felt today. Does the Eames Lounge Chair ring a bell?

Although they themselves didn’t have children together, that never stopped the couple from creating stunning designs for them. So, like their parents, children could enjoy the very best Eames design has to offer!


The couple designed the Plywood Elephant Chair in the early 1940s as part of the revolutionary moulded plywood experiments they were conducting. But due to the sophisticated fabrication methods, the majestic animal was never more than a prototype and was never commercially produced. Luckily, to everyone’s joy, in 2007, Vitra launched a limited edition in honour of Charles’s 100th birthday. It was gone in a jiffy! Today, a plastic version of the Eames Molded Plywood Elephant is available, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

red eames elephant chair

paleblue eames elephant

nurseries with eames design

natural wood eames design


A perfect combination of comfort and style, the Kids DSW Style Chair is based on the original 1948 design, the first industrially manufactured plastic chair. It’s crafted especially for kids, with ergonomic curves that perfectly fit their shape helping them with their posture. Besides from being aesthetically pleasing, stable and durable, since children spend more time in their chairs than ever before, this is one designer furniture piece you should seriously consider. And if your little one enjoys rocking (like there is one who doesn’t?!) you can always chose to go with its rocking version.

white eames kids dsw chair


scandinavian styled kids room


study desk area ideas boys

my little world

eames rocking chair


Bring a bit of contemporary to the kid’s room with the Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair! It was one of the first pieces to be made from 3D moulded plywood, and since its creation in the mid-40s, the chair has been an inspiration for many modern kids’ designs. Charles and Ray Eames carefully applied moulded plywood they used for adult furniture and crafted this timeless piece of children’s furnishings. And when it comes to comfort and charm, it is in a tight race with the DSW chair.

eames molded plywood lounge chair

eames design for kids


The idea was to make coat racks a bit less boring, so in 1953 the Eames ended up with this piece of art! With its colourful wooden balls, the Hang-It-All was made for kids’ room as a fun alternative to conventional coat hangers. Besides from being extremely functional, due to its vibrant colours, it is stylish, modern and cheerful too! This is one coat hanger that will surely encourage your kids to neatly hang their clothes instead of throwing them everywhere across the room.

eames hang-it-all rack

fun wall hooks for children

eclectic kids wall decor

eames wall hooks


Like most people, Charles and Ray used to collect numerous objects during their travels, and one of them was the figure of a black wooden bird from the Appalachian Mountains. The now well known Eames House Bird was then popularised by the couple, becoming a centrepiece in many homes. So, how does this figure fit in kids’ rooms? Well, besides mid-century inspired rooms, due to its simple and unobtrusive design the little black bird also goes hand in hand with Scandinavian minimalism. And if you are all about wooden toys, the birdie is going to make a great addition to the collection both you and your child would appreciate!

eames house bird design

eames black bird

That concludes our tour of the incredible little Eames world. Hope we awoke the mid-century modern in you! If you wish for more design inspiration, check out our board kids design on Pinterest!

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