Cardboard boxes are not for trash. At least if you have kids running around the house. You would be surprised how brilliant DIY toys can be made out of carton with just a bit of imagination and some spare time. After seeing the examples below, your crafty light bulb will immediately turn on, and you will want to grab a pair of scissors and a duct tape, and turn that cardboard box, that has been languishing in a storage room for months, into the most fantastic toy!

cardboard playhouse


pacman cardboard toy


diy cardboard truck


ikea cardboard diy



Build a miniature dream house for your little one’s playmates by using just a bunch of plain cardboard boxes. The advantages of a DIY dollhouse go beyond the price because you will be able to customise every room of the house together with your daughter. Just like a couple of interior designers would do. And unlike with purchased ones, you can always decide to renovate when your kid gets tired of the layout.

pastel diy dollhouse


netherlands style dollhouse

easy dollhouse diy tutorial


diy dollhouses                               


Make a big statement in your kids’ room by building them a hideaway in the shape of a castle or playhouse. Once they have settled in their new cardboard residence, their royal highnesses will enjoy inviting you to visit their chambers.

cool cardboard playhouse


castle playhouse

forteress playhouse

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Kids love copying adults in their everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and dishes. But since they’re too young to be using real stoves and washing machines, once again cardboard is here to save the day. Wait until they cook you the best meal you ever had using their cardboard play pretend oven!

cardboard washing machine


cardboard oven

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Remember, children’s imagination have absolutely no limits, so they don’t require shiny four-wheelers to travel the world. A cardboard box with drawn wheels will do the job for them! Don’t be that parent who is afraid to play. Make one vehicle for yourself and organise a race around the house.

car cardboard toys


vehicle cardboard toy

diy boat cardboard toy

diy car cardboard toys



Whoever thought of using toilet paper rolls for DIY projects is a pure genius! They are cheap and practically inexhaustible resource, so you can let your and your child’s inner artists run wild and have fun creating unique figurines to play with.

diy crafts horses

kids diy crafts toiletrolls


toiletroll crafts for children

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Who didn’t wish to be an astronaut and travel between planets and stars when they were kids? Nurture the explorer in your little ones by helping them engineer a cardboard rocket that is going to take them to the centre of the Milky Way galaxy and back just in time for dinner.

rocket cardboard diy

diy austronaut toys

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Let your children put on a show for you with an easy to create cardboard theatre. It’s a great way to gather family and friends together and watch the little Shakespeares recreate plays or use their vivid imagination to come up with original plots. The toilet paper roll figurines could act as puppets.

puppet theatre cardboard tutorial


diy paper craft for kids


So before getting rid of those excess shoe boxes, toilet paper roll tubes, and other  cardboard boxes, think about all the wonders that can be made with them. Take a lesson from the kids, who will never see just an empty piece of cardboard waiting to be thrown away into the trash, but an opportunity for an awesome playhouse, a race car or a noble castle.

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