Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware of the huge comeback of the colour pink. Often regarded as a symbol of all things girly, pink used to be the colour we simply loved to hate. Well, not anymore! Times are changing and so is pink. From fuchsia to blush, and all the shades in between, designers have been taking pink from the clutches of kitschy stereotypes and making us lose our heads over it. Pink is once again in the spotlight of the trendiest girls’ rooms out there, and for a good reason. If you are still not so enthusiastic about inviting pink into your kid’s room, brace yourself for we are about to show you the prettiest shades of pink caught in kids’ interiors around the world.


Blush pink evokes a feel of Spring, a fresh new beginning, oh so sweet and reassuring. This sophisticated tone offers a more grown up take on pink, and it is the tone of choice for most parents. Blush can be a gorgeous accent, but the best way to pull off this delicate shade in your little one’s room is to use it as a neutral. A soft backdrop to make other colours pop, while at the same time spicing things up with a bit of rosy warmth. A safe and snuggly heaven for an innocent soul.

blush pink for girls' rooms


light pink paint for kids room


best pink paint for girl's room


pink canopy kids room



There is something about dusty pink that makes it so easy to fall in love with. The calming elegance of its powdery tones goes hand in hand with a white backdrop. But if you opt for a grey as a pair, you are in for a real treat. Dusty pink and grey complement each other like peanut butter and jelly, creating a subtle, yet feminine look. Regardless of age, no girl would say No to an injection of dusty pink in her room.

dusty pink canopy


dusty vintage pink kids bedding


vintage pink canopy for nursery



Millennial pink or Tumblr pink, call it as you wish, but one thing is certain – we’ve been crushing hard on it lately! This range of pink tones overcame gender stereotypes and earned admiration from both men and women. Millennial parents are digging everything about it, so it was just a matter of time when this cheeky, yet nostalgic shade will hit kids’ rooms. It sure did, and we are enjoying every second of it!

millenial pink kids rooms


millenial pink girls rooms



To provide your little princess with a room as sweet as candy, adorn it with candy pink. This sweet pastel tone is the most feminine of them all and looks best when paired with white, yellow or mint green. It is a part of Pantone 2016 heritage and is proven to give off the luscious and yummy vibe.

pink childrens bedding


pink kids bedding



Pops of fuschia pink fight boredom like no other, so if you are looking for an expressive shade to shake things up a notch in an otherwise neutral room, fuschia is the hue for you. It has it all – it’s bright, it’s fierce, it’s vibrant. Just like a little girl.

fuschia kids bedding


fuschia kids furniture


fuschia bedside table lamp


Kids’ rooms are not just pretty in pink, they have a positive effect on kids too. Pink’s toned down hues are proven to successfully fight stress and anxiety and to make kids feel happy and calm. Dare to think pink and watch the magic happen!

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