Are you finished with sourcing the furniture for your kids’ room? Now, this is where the fun begins! When it comes to the perfectly rounded up interiors, accessories are the key. Any design-conscious parent can tell you – creating a unique and individual kids’ room has never been easier. With all the beautiful kids’ decor brands around the world, you can choose to go for any style your little ones lay their eyes on. Let’s take a look at some of our suggestions!

kids decor

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Hanging a heartwarming artwork on the walls must be one of the easiest guesses. But that doesn’t make it any less effective. Delightful posters or banners featuring friendly animals, cute fruit or even styled alphabet, will freshen up empty walls and give a spark to the room.

childrens rooms decor

willow and wolf

kids posters


canvas wall banner kids

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We are seeing more and more plush and paper animal heads on the playroom walls lately. These soft toys or origami-style heads bring a playful twist on the (otherwise creepy) trophy heads. If you are fishing for a more contemporary look, opting for them could be a great way to add texture and dimension to the walls.

walld decor kids room

lily in wonderland

animal head wall decor

fiona walker

felt wall decor animals


trophy heads kids room


Adding a personalised acrylic, wood or knitted wire sign on the wall or shelf is bound to attract attention and admiring comments. Choose any text you wish or even go for a cool design such as sleepy eyes. These gorgeous glittery props will bring a major chic factor!

word sign kids room

lala loves decor

wall decor childrens room and chuck

Minimalist graphic statements with a playful typography will inspire your little one’s imagination and hold a special place in his/her heart forever. These quotes on posters or walldecor can be profound and uplifting. We all know that we should throw kindness around like confetti, but having a friendly (and oh-so-stylish) reminder is always a welcoming idea!

quote poster nursery

indian bear

nursery posters quotes

Wood, lace, fabric, yarn, paper, felt, … just name it – there is a garland made from it. Just like the necklace rounds up the outfit, a garland or flag bunting gives the final touch to a kid’s room. Place it on the wall, artwork, shelfie or even on the bed. If your children believe in magic, garland of fairy lights will be their favourite part of the room.

dreamy girlsroom housebed


wooden garland

made by naomi

garlands girls room


colourful flag bunting

Shelf with the unusual design can be a beautiful piece of décor, but it can also be used to display your child’s most favourite belongings. To make the perfect exhibition choose from some of the toys, books, artwork or night lamps and let the game of rearranging begin.

shelf kids decor

indi and bear

original shel kids room

oh marie


A floor is an ultimate playground and as such, it should provide comfort and inspiration for the young minds. Play with some snuggly cushions and themed rugs and don’t forget – it’s about kids not about us. Embrace a little bit of mess and disorder. We promise you – your children will be thankful.

kids mouse rug

my family and home

floor decor kids room

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But that doesn’t mean the floor should become a minefield of toys. Make all the extra mess disappear in these ecological storage toy paper bags. They can be found in so many fun and versatile versions, you will have a hard time choosing the one you prefer.

kraft paper toy bags


Accessories have always been a designers’ secret sauce. And for a good reason. They can make or break any space. Mastering their implementation in style can be a bit tricky, so if you are looking for an advice, here it is – don’t forget to experiment and play with your ideas and trends! After all, it’s kids’ interiors we are talking about. Their rooms should be fun and flexible and so should the decor.

kids decor

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