You could be forgiven for thinking that dark tones might equal gloomy or dreary when it comes to kids’ interior design. We prefer the descriptors romantic, charming, mysterious and magical. Of course, there are many more positive adjectives for a growing trend that has been primarily led by Scandi mamas. Perhaps it’s the colder winters that lead to a yearning for cosy spaces in which to hibernate. Maybe it’s just their innate sense of striking design and aesthetics that gives them an experimental edge. Whatever it is, we simply love this New Nordic take on the lighter Scandi style of interior décor that we’ve all become accustomed to.

If you’re considering changing up the colour palette in your kids’ room anytime soon, you might be encouraged by this stunning collection of dreamy inspiration. Far from glum, these rooms are divine and dramatic and full of enchantment.


The creator of this room, Astrid, is a fan of minimalism but believes that children’s rooms should be a treasure chest that hold everything they love. She goes on to say that their rooms should be ‘almost like entering a different world when you open the door.’

We couldn’t agree more. Sandberg’s dark blue Hollie wallpaper makes us feel like we are in some ethereal place – a magical, fantastic forest full of fun and adventures.

dark and moody nursery full of charm


Vera’s room gets its moody charm from Garbo and Friends’ Fauna wallpaper. The entourage of wild animals comes out to play in the midnight blue by the hare lampstand’s soft glow. Elsewhere in the room, there are loftier lighter shades in the rug and soft furnishings that balance the sultry tones without dampening their spirit.

dark and moody nursery scandinavian style


Emily says that wallpaper makes her feel calm and harmonious. How fitting then that she lends her name to a new version of Borastapeter’s famous Nocturne wallpaper, featured here. Nocturne was designed in the 1950s, but Emily has added green tones and flashes of glimmering gold to give this classic a modern-day overhaul. The result is a wonderfully cosy room brimming with intrigue. The layering of contrast bedlinen and blankets coupled with a dusty raspberry canopy completes the Scandinavian romance that Emily defines as her go-to style.

baby nurseries in dark tones


Rocco’s room is the epitome of Scandi style and employs an oft used technique of balancing the darker accent walls with lighter artwork and furniture. The design is minimal, but the terracotta tones from the Persian-inspired rug save it from stark.

baby nursery rooms in dark colours


Nellie’s sweet and romantic room proves that small spaces can carry dark colours well. The depth in colour is delivered by Sandberg’s floral Ava wallpaper in dark blue complemented by the retro-inspired grey cot bed. The print’s blush flora adds a delicate contrast matched by the peachy tones of the canopy and Garbo and Friends’ feminine bedlinen. A Mrs Mighetto print completes the romantic room set.

dark wallpapers for kids' rooms


Floor to ceiling, navy brings all the charm in this enchanting room. So dark and enigmatic yet feminine and uplifting at the same time. Majvillan’s Golden Woods wallpaper in mysterious grey takes us on an eco-friendly voyage to a beguiling woodland whose dashes of fawn and soft plum punctuate the deep blue.

dark retro style wallpaper for nursery rooms


Several components combine for this stunning nursery to make the shortlist. It’s a strawberry-infused kind of dark and moody. The teal green Panthera wallpaper by BN Walls has a sepia quality that adds to the room’s romantic feel. Though, the real charm is brought by that delightful antique rocking crib. Oh Tove, what a fabulous room you have!

dark kids rooms full of charm


A green wall so darks it teeters on charcoal is paired with a chalky sage canopy to give a forest feel to this simple but stylish little girl’s room. The accent colour is picked out in the boho bed sheets, and the pastel hues of the Aykasa crates bring a soothing equilibrium.

dark colours in boys' rooms


A deep navy wall brings a strength reflected by the framed bison, though curiously it’s his pine border and white mount that disturb the sense of darkness. An oversized potted plant is strategically placed by the window, allowing shafts of light to permeate the room and layered rugs deliver the extra quotient of cosy.

dark colours in girls' rooms


There’s more than one route to dark and mysterious, and Emma’s is the less permanent variety, delivered mainly by contrast prints and layered linens in a forest fruits inspired composition. The jammy canopy is the glue that binds the picture of cosiness together, and we didn’t fail to spot the regal indigo-toned dolls house, echoing our dusky theme.

muted greens in baby nursery rooms


Save for the occasional show-stopping rug; we rarely look to the floor to create the ambience in a room. However, that’s precisely what we do in Tom’s pared-back almost Victorianesque room.  Though exposure no doubt plays a role, the dark wooden floor creates a rich depth, almost like a soil that the rest of the room sprouts from. From the top down there’s a sense of ombre as the muted minted aquamarine cascades down to the mahogany.

dark, romantic scandinavian kids rooms


Never underestimate the power of fairy lights to set the scene in a dark and moody room, especially when they’re nestling underneath a secret hideaway canopy. The feature that creates the most drama for us is Sandberg’s mural, rolling in like tumultuous waves from the deep, dark ocean.

grey Scandinavian kids rooms in a retro style


Delicate and dappled is Viktoria’s brand of atmospheric and moody. We love the textured wall effect in a neutral grey allowing room for the floral cushions and plimsoll bag to have their voice. Textiles’ layering, a draped vintage canopy, and a high ornate headboard are critical to the overall antique-inspired finish in this beautiful room.

Swedish kid's room in dark grey tones

This moody Nordic look is achieved by fusing teal with accents of light and painted wood brightened with splashes of gold bunting. By painting the bed the same colour as the walls, a camouflage effect is achieved and a sense of deep cohesion that brings the whole room together. Mighetto’s gallery introduces a generous helping of romantic fantasy completed by a crushed velvet fringed pendant light shade.

dark and moody wallpaper for kids' rooms


It’s dark accents galore in Piper’s room, created by her impossibly talented mama, Emily. Sherwin Williams’ Persian Pearl paint duets with Jimmy Cricket’s Woodland Wallpaper in charcoal creating a powerful light and dark contrast. It’s so sophisticated that Pottery Barn’s super cute dolls house is the only giveaway that the room belongs to a child!

swan mobile for nursery or kids' rooms


Oversized flowers from Rebel Walls’ Blooming wallpaper create a rich background full of depth and damson tones. This is a fine example of a statement wall interspersed with a dramatic petroleum blue canopy. The bed completes this coy cavern, laden with a collection of linens and soft furnishings.

Scandinavian mom instagram influencers


A palette of nudes and neutrals with a peppering of terracotta and dusty pink makes for a subdued but stunningly sweet room. It’s Nordsjö’s Deep Paris colour laddered wall that really brings the cosy. So comforting and tranquil.

dusty pink beige wall paint for girl's room

Dark and dramatic needn’t always necessarily be delivered by deep colours. The same intensity can be achieved with lighter shades like these putty painted walls. It’s all down to the layering and placement of furniture and furnishings like this compact bed tucked neatly into a corner and shrouded by a cocooning canopy. It’s always the canopy that brings a sense of romance and intrigue.

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