When it comes to interior design, a child’s room is more likely than any other in the home to undergo a serial transformation. Consider for just a moment the leaps and bounds a child makes from the humble Moses basket or co-sleeper in your room to the ‘keep out’ teen bedsit and all of the evolving interior iterations in between. It’s entirely possible to spend every couple of years updating a kids’ room to accommodate ever-changing tastes and the passing fads of Disney icons and whimsical licensed character paraphernalia.

It’s small wonder then that today’s parents are electing for contemporary designs for their children’s bedrooms. Not only is this design more likely to be in keeping with the style direction of the main home, but it also offers longevity that’s hard to question. A tweak to the wall art here and a swift substitute of dressings, soft furnishings and bed linens there, and a room is updated before you can say, Philippe Starck!

So, what defines contemporary design for kids’ rooms? Contemporary design is all about the here and now with a nod to the future. It’s typically characterised by bright open spaces with sophisticated textiles and unusual finishes, clean lines and neutral tones or considered colour palettes. It can combine many influences, but contemporary interior design is sleek, defined and detailed without being over-fussy. Executed well, contemporary kids’ rooms will be fun and imaginative, but they’ll stand the test of time and won’t necessarily reveal the age of the inhabitant.

We’ve gathered together a selection of some of our favourite contemporary kids’ rooms for you to browse. Maybe they’ll spark your imagination for your next room design. Enjoy the inspiration!


Box Of Delights

Creating a separate space with a unique identity for two siblings can be a tall order, but Alice and Diane at Ove Architecture show just what is possible with a non-traditional take on the bunk bed. There’s a Japanese influence in the cherry blossom print and leaf wallpaper, calm but for the vibrant pop of yellow on the bedlinen. The Japanese influence continues with a capsule approach to the beds, created by boxing them into the walls with a delicate railed bar effect for comfort and aesthetic. It’s a tranquil room conceived with a limited palette, bare lights and clean lines. Minimalist, but no less welcoming for it.

olia paliichuk

Out Of The Blue

There’s a futuristic air about Olga Paliychuck’s bedroom that puts it firmly in the contemporary camp. A minty turquoise colour block out of grey creates a natural frame and focal point around the bed; a virtual cocoon if you will. It’s all about the lines here. The opposing right-angled shelves aligned perfectly to the straight shelf above; a jaunty M shelf adding a dose of anarchy. There’s arty juxtaposition in the altogether grown-up and slightly sombre black accessories and the lighter childlike plush monkey, vintage model car and geometric camouflage T-Rex head.

olia paliichuk

Manhattan Appartment Vibes

High ceilings, floor-length curtains and a wood encased entertainment system give way to a luxury hotel vibe that could belong to a hip East Village apartment. Lacquered fitted wardrobes in a duck egg blue are reminiscent of high school lockers with a simple desk and chair set-up for uncluttered study. It’s Scandi minimalism at its finest softened by pillow ceiling lights, a macrame pouffe and layers of bed linen in marl grey, dusky rose and pale apricot. A bear mural and indigenous ornaments are the only suggestions a child resides here.

Alexy Gulesha

Laying Low

Power and strength reside in Alexy Gulesha’s low-level bedroom design. Perhaps it’s the imposing Samurai Transformer, or maybe it’s the defined lines and compartmentalised storage. Monotone dominates with a splash of mustard and cranberry, and there’s a creative symmetry in the bedsheets and the X stool/bedside table.

kapito mueller

Tailored And Neat

This is the work of power interior design duo Kapito Muller. Two Ellsworth Kelly prints — Orange/Green, 1970, and Green Curve, 1999, provide the colour theme for this clean and tailored space. It’s almost minimalistic, but the the sharp-lined sheets create interest together with the anglepoise lamps for a particular bedside manner.


Lemurs And Leaves

Leyla Kamalova channels grassy green and terracotta orange in her children’s room for mixed-gender siblings. Upscale bunk beds with smooth, rounded corners by Oliver Furniture are the hero against a neutral palette feature wall of lemurs and leaves. Function matches aesthetic here in backlit stairs with built-in storage and a playframe and designated activity area.

anna donskova design

We Are Family

Contemporary design is often uncomplicated and minimal in approach, but that doesn’t mean it packs any less punch. This room design by Russian interior designer Anna Donskova tempers the sophisticated loft-living style with a giant juvenile chalkboard wall. It’s a heady mix of rock n’ roll and high school days set against a mono palette with a shade of jade.

anna donskova design

Dream Of Cream

An altogether more delicate approach from the same design house, Donskova showcases the power of neutrality and limited colour infusion. Except for the lone lemon star and electrical sockets, there are just two colours at play in this child’s serene chamber de slumber. Alabaster, with its natural beige undertones, lays the foundations for an injection of pale petroleum. Futuristic wall lights contrast with ceiling spots, and jellyfish-like ceiling pendants and wall units are transformed into a collection of window nooks for treasured trinkets.

lucas glogowski

House Bed Heaven

Proving less is more,  Lucas Glogowski delivers impact with a built-in house bed complete with a secret hideout. Concealment is king here with naked wardrobes and drawers giving way to flush surfaces and smooth lines. Natural wood against pale azure lends a Scandi edge to this kids’ room design, completed by the living art outside the exposed window. Who needs framed pictures?


Contemporary Child’s Play

A neutral palette and panelled composition keep this feature-full room from being a headache. Detail is abundant, but it’s kept in check by a combination of pastels, neutrals and parallel lines. The direction of the wood grain effect on the units creates a vortex, drawing the eyes into the shelves and their belongings.

Archbutik Studio’s Izmailova Ekaterina and Alexandrova Nadezhda prove that work and play can happily coexist.


Bear Necessities

Adventure awaits He.d  group’s wilderness bedroom for kids. A cosy reading snug sits atop the bespoke cabin bed, resplendent in a soothing shade of egg nog. When sleep calls, the room’s occupant can simply shimmy down the rope, through the porthole into the comfort of the wood-panelled wonder bed. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of!


Single Dwelling

Heavenly sage and peach blush are a dream pairing for Archbutik Studio’s floaty kid’s room. Layering and textiles deliver all the detail here with an ethereal quality delivered by the transparent canopy and voile. A house bed etched into the storage system creates a haven for sleep with textured cupboard fronts providing the boundaries of this apartment for one.

anna donskova design

Mighty Mezzanine in White

There’s a feeling of grandeur in this child’s room by Anna Donskova, with a series of storage steps leading up to the first story bedroom area. Built-in storage and shelving are easily accessed from the mezzanine floor, perfect for bedtime reading and midnight feast supplies! A wall of storage is broken up by the innovative use of wallpaper, mirrored and plain doors and a cosy house snug provides refuge for quiet time and relaxation. A vision of cool white softly lit by downlighters and giant-sized scrunchie pendants.


Curvy Graphics

A cacaphony of coral tones and minty greens give character to this all-round quirky one-up one-down concept by the design supremo’s at the he.D group. Reminiscent of a climbing wall, the round corners and curves invite the room’s dweller to clamber aboard for peachy dreams or maybe a little loft lookout dwelling.

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