Selecting a colour scheme for your little one is probably the most exciting part and usually the kicking off point to a kid’s room design. Whether you imagine a scheme that is creative and playful or serene and sweet, always take into consideration your child’s personality first and make sure you include him in the design process if he is old enough to express his own opinion. Even if your girl wants her favourite colour pink, and you wished for something less classic, then try to make it special by choosing a more unsual tone, like dusty, peachy or perhaps a fluorescent. And don’t forget that the colour scheme doesn’t have to be the colour that is painted on the walls – it could also be the accent colour that stands out the most, on cushions, blankets or on the rug for example. Let’s have a look at some classic exemples.


The mix of pink and pastels gives a candy sweet look which is probably the most popular colourtheme for girls between four to nine. The good thing is that you can add so many toys and accessories without it looking out of place – the more there is, the better! Pink is also a good colour for a nursery as it feels warm and cosy when the lights are dimmed.

pastel pink girls room

pink pastel girls rooms

lay baby lay/

girls rooms pink walls


pink in girls rooms



A classic combination of colours that fit neutral gender kids’ rooms perfectly and creates a calm and serene environment. Works very well with natural wood furniture pieces for the earthy natural look.

natural earthy girls room

white beige kids rooms

white and beige kids rooms


Mostly used for boys, but also for girls nowadays if they have a pop of pink somewhere in the room or a colourful doll on the bed for example. This coloursceme is often associated with Scandinavian style décor.

blue wall kids room

grey kids room

petite amelie

grey kids room

grey blue wall kids room



The star of colourschemes right now! Works for both boys and girls and allows the child to grow with the room for several years without it being childish too quickly.

black and white kids room

bous room black wall


monochrome kids rooms

For a nursery colour theme you might want to focus more on how you want to feel in the room as you will be spending many hours in there.

kids decor

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