In the world of interior design different patterns come and go, but florals are a whole nother story as they keep popping up time and time again, bringing the outdoors in and refreshing the space in the way only nature knows how. Once the favourite motif of choice for grandmothers, colourful floral prints have for a while now been regaining their popularity and this time in the residence of our youngest ones. But rather than giving the kid’s room an out-dated and old-fashioned feel, you will see they now give it an entirely new and stylish look!

spring flower wallpaper



Bring the essence of a tender garden to your little girl’s room with bright floral wallpapers representing elegant blossoming pink and beige roses or other gentle flowers against a light background. There can never be enough flowers in a field or garden, but if you don’t want the room fully covered in florals, think about creating a feature wall that is going to stand out from the whole space like an oasis. Softness and comfort that would maybe otherwise be lacking are sure to overcome the room now!

big spring floral wallpaper girls


fresh flowery girls wallpaper


flowery nursery wallpaper


flowery kids rug



But, not everything has to be bright and dazzling in order to up the mood of a room and create a joyful environment. Go totally opposite and try exploring the dark side of florals! If you place those same flowers against a darker backdrop, then you get a completely different feel – elegant yet cheerful enough for a kids’ room. In order not to overwhelm the place, think light décor and furniture, however with the right pallet of dark hues you can create a dreamy room too.

huge floral wallpaper

dramatic bold floral wallpaper


purple floral wallpaper

dark floral nursery wallpaper


Sandberg kids wallpaper



If you’re trying to figure out how to bring a vintage vibe to the room but don’t want to go for unsafe second-hand furniture and toys, then try starting with florals. There are wallpapers and wall decals out there, resembling the classic, toned-down, old-school upholstery that will give your little one’s room a vintage-style makeover in a jiffy.

romantic floral wallpaper


50's style flowery wallpaper

smile rynker

retro floral wallpaper



If traditional floral designs aren’t your taste and you are looking for something contemporary, offbeat and full of rich and brilliant hues, there are plenty of options available. Go wild and don’t be afraid to overwhelm the room with colourful florals!

colourful flower wallpaper


garden nursery wallpaper

funky contemporary flower wallpaper


Making a statement with florals in the room can be as simple as putting up a couple of lavish paper flower decals, placing a rug or spreading out some bed covering. With little decorating knowledge and effort you’ll effectively be able to embellish and freshen up the space in no time.

rose wall decals


flower paper wall decor


romantic girl's room


rose wall flowers


Whether you were planning on creating a rose garden, a flourishing spring meadow or just adding a touch of blossom to your kid’s room décor, you are sure to bring in a wonderful mood!

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