If we are a product of our environment, our living spaces should be conceived to bring a smile to our faces at every turn. Just like the clear blue skies and glow of the golden sunshine on a Summer’s day, our décor has the power to lift our mood, refresh our spirit and fill us with feel-good vibes.

A good dose of positivity and happiness are much needed, and nowhere are they more longed-for than in a child’s habitat.

While serenity and peace are always high on the parental agenda, kids’ rooms should celebrate the carefree, happy-go-lucky days of childhood. We’ve rounded up twelve of our favourite kids’ interiors guaranteed to bring joy and warmth to your heart.



Cheerful rooms do not have to equal bright colours as Layla’s peachy-blossomed bedroom proves. Tonal hues collide, bringing a fresh summery vibe and an abundance of light. An eclectic collection of wall art, including an arrangement of dried flowers, a mermaid print and wonderful word art by @avaandharperco brings all the cheer.


On the other hand, this smile-inducing set-up is full of all the colours of the rainbow and more. The composition capitalises on clash but in such a stylish manner that it all seems to slot together just as though it ought to. It feels like the winking cat on the framed print by @lornafreytag is in on the conspiracy, sitting mischievously beneath a palette of raindrop garland revelry by @velveteen_babies. There’s texture, pattern and colour in every nook and cranny and a cascade of colour at every turn. Delphie’s room is optimism personified.


A gigantic rising sun is almost guaranteed to inject energy and happiness into any space, and this room is no exception. We love the balanced palette of toffee, stone, cinnamon and blush interrupted with warm golden rays of sunshine. We also appreciate how the mural is placed behind the house bed, bringing a sense of the outdoors in and creating a home within a home. It’s clear the owner of this happy haven has a penchant for dinosaurs, but there are other influences of nature elsewhere. There’s a super-cute fox pillowcase in a rusty tangerine by @vertbaudetuk and a collection of trinket animals and characters on the natural shelves. If you look close enough, you’ll even see a mini Stick Man on the clever kitchen roll holder shelf hack!


This charming room brings all the cheer even if the textured colour block walls are matched to Farrow and Ball’s Sulking Room Pink! Emily demonstrates how to define a base palette with just a couple of shades and then introduces a carefully orchestrated riot of colour through prints and accessories. It’s Kid of The Village’s flower chart that blooms large, joined by a joyful personalised rainbow print and a 100 square by @thelittlejones. Gold polka dot wall stickers by @thepaperpartycompany anchor the spotty theme in the mustard bedding and hanging wall pocket storage. The final celebratory touches in Lily’s room are delivered by HM’s chunky rainbow cushion and a string of @empomdesigns own pom pom garland in shades of sage, ochre, dusty pink and icy white.


A vibrant burst of Valspar’s Ballroom Slippers on these wonderfully colour-blocked walls gets an injection of zesty lemon from that inviting armchair by @madedotcom. Though it might appear there is a lot of colour in this nursery come playroom, you’ll note it’s mostly a collection of pinky shades. We love how the triangle repeat blanket mimics the rosy hues in the garland, and there’s a powerful burst of bubblegum pink in Wonder and Rah’s bestselling leopard print. You’ll observe again that the happy vibes are amplified by artwork; MInii and Maxii’s print commands us to ‘look for rainbows in the sky’ while Hello Pea and Me’s succinctly sums up the ethos in this room – Wonderful!


There’s no place like home, and when you’re just three years old, a house bed fits the bill perfectly. It frames mini-adventures and role play yet provides a welcome cocoon for nap times and night times. Matteo’s marvellous room design subscribes to the less is more approach.  The muted palette allows the turquoise rocking horse to, well, rock the room with a bolt of the same shade lightning in the night light to match.


We spy a spot of @austinandmonkey stencilling on the IKEA LIKSHULT cabinet, and everybody knows you can’t beat a shooting star to add sparkle to a space. It’s the decorator’s art of colour blocking that provides the canvas for embellishment once again. This time it’s Dulux’s Cracked Clay that brings pink to the colour party, providing a home for sweet raindrop garlands, hanging prints and that really rather wonderful ‘Completely Bonkers’ framed art by Kate @thelittlejones herself.


In Coral’s own words, here’s a little bit of interior sunshine escapism. The mellow yellow canopy by @molly_meg_ brings a boho vibe to this dreamy room, complete with floaty clouds and spangly star wallpaper. A trio of rainbows promises eternal hope, and a collection of iconic Little People Big Dreams book series proves you don’t need wall art to wow.


It’s gospel! A little candy pink frou-frou tutu and a herd of galloping horses on the duvet are key ingredients for a bright and breezy, jolly space. There’s layered detail in this room that combines to bring a real sense of fun and glee but what we love most is how Dominy pulls together the pastel shades. There’s an intentional recurrence of the minty teal and ballerina pink – in the alphabet wall hanging, the Russian dolls on the circular shelf, the arcs of the rainbow pillow and of course, the dreamy bed frame and rattan nightstand.


There’s one sure-fire way to bring bliss to a kids’ bedroom, and that’s with an abundance of light. Here it’s clear to see that Velux windows and a liberal dash of brilliant white does the job perfectly, but we’re naturally delighted also to see a lively scalloped wall in a crisp shade of magical mint. Louie’s room exudes good vibrations and gives us the feeling of a blast of fresh spring air through an open window. He also has the most impressive collection of pillows and cushions on his garland-bedecked tepee bed.


A kaleidoscope of colour is a safe bet when it comes to injecting a heathy dose of cheer into a room and there are tips and tricks to ensure it’s not something you need to commit to wholesale. This treatment is best employed with a clean white canvas that allows splashes of colour to be introduced at will. It also means you can return to a more neutral palette should the need or fancy arise. It’s the rug that is the real hero in this room set. With a little imagination you can imagine the difference if it was to be rolled up and stowed away. For now we are revelling in its joyful checks in a collection of pastels and brights. A scattering of tonal cushions completes this happy floor-level dwelling with a peachy perfect print and coral macrame hanging, the icing on this rainbow cake.


An apple a day keeps the dentist away, but it also breathes life into an otherwise ordinary cupboard. This room is so playful and full of all the magical ingredients of childhood; unicorns and rainbows and elephants spouting a cacophony of colourful water droplets from its trunk. And you know how we love a spot of scalloping – particularly in a sunshiney shade of ochre.

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