Beloved little creatures with intriguing and mysterious personalities, cats have so much in common with children. They are very virtuous, being both stubborn and outgoing, laidback yet alert, needy but independent and of course curious at all time. However, one thing is for sure, these little four-legged family members are always there to give love, affection, and snuggles, and are most definitely the ultimate stress reliever at the end of the day. Most importantly, children love them and cats are always there to return the affection!

cats with kids interiors

When it comes to décor in kids’ rooms, we’ve noticed that cats haven’t been getting as much attention as they deserve lately (with a few exceptions). So we have prepared a special article dedicated to beloved furry felines to raise interest and show you how they can be used to adorn bedrooms of little ones regardless of their styling preferences.

cat toy storage bag


A bed is no place for a cat! Or is it? No matter the age of its owner, a kid’s bed is most certainly the best possible station for a dazzling throw in the shape of a cat, or a cushion with a cute snout and whiskers! When it’s time for a quick nap or just plain old leisure, there’s nothing more soothing than resting with a kitty cat by your side to purr you to sleep. You can convey the theme to your child’s beddings aswell, and choose out of a whole range of cat motifs in a variety of colours, from minimalistic to more lively and dynamic.

cat cushion

cat shaped pillow


kidsmill nursery baby cot


cat kitten cushions


camomile london cat pillows

camomile london

round cat pillow

fraeuleinotten on etsy

handdrawn cat design

fraeuleinotten on etsy

cat plushie

When they are not too busy kicking back and dozing, cats are exceptionally playful. And isn’t that just the thing every boy’s and girl’s’ room needs?

playful baby nursery

cat design baby nursery

Look at the walls to bring that spirit in by using a simple pattern such as the contour of a cat’s head. It’s the perfect way to go if you are opting for the minimalist look with an elegant yet cheerful design.

cat wall decals

cat wallpaper

Due to their elegant and noble stature, cats are natural born models, and as such, they go hand in hand with art. From wall decals, rugs, lamps, shelves, soft toys, to posters, artistic depictions of cats come in all sorts of amusing designs.

cat décor kids rooms

littleanana on etsy

knitted cat plushtoys

main sauvage

cat toy meri meri

cat toy storage

cat rug oyoy


cat designs in childrens rooms


cat lamp lighting

vertbaudet kids lamp

liewood cat pillows bedding


cat décor girl's room

Whatever your style may be, you will surely find one that suits the mood you are after. A whimsical or contemporary painting will bring cheerfulness and colour to any place, while an illustrated art print will be a magnificent addition to monochrome or even romantic room. Remember those gorgeous vintage prints with Parisienne vibe? Yes, yes the good old prints full of character. Perfect pieces for vintage-inspired kids’ space, aren’t they?

cat in baby nursery


cool cat poster

pink and black cat poster

kid's room with cat design


Are you ready to give the cats a chance? It’s meow or never!

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