Boys are drawn to four-wheelers from the moment they receive their first toy car or truck, and as they get older and hop on their new ride-on or pedal car, it’s love at first sight. If you want to take that passion a step further than there’s so much you can do besides toys! You can turn your boys’ room into a dream come true while at the same time teaching them a few lessons they are going to carry with them into adulthood. Sooner or later your little one is going to grow up, sit at the driver’s seat and enter the ever so busy roads, so now is a perfect time for him to learn skills such as responsibility, patience and composure while getting to know certain traffic signs and rules through the car theme.

cars in boy's rooms

car cushion pillow

new york yellow taxi toy


car rug blue

car décor kids room



A play rug with roads, crossroads and traffic signs is one such piece you should consider when opting for this theme. Your little driver is going to have fun pushing his little toy cars up and down, left and right through the streets and highways. But, why not have even more fun by grabbing some washi tape and creating custom traffic together with your kids! This way your only limit will be your imaginations and the size of the room. When they get bored with the setting, just peel off the tape and start creating a whole new little world from scratch.

road circuit rug

traffic themed boy's room


car themed boy's room


washi tape play ideas for kids


After a busy day on the road, it’s time to pull over the car and get a good night’s rest in their cool car-shaped beds because the road is no place for a sleepy driver. From vintage, old-timers to modern racing vehicles, there are car beds out there that will fit every little kid’s taste and decor style. Just be cautious when investing in these kinds of stuff. Kids grow fast and sooner rather than later, they are going to outgrow their car shaped bed, and you’ll be left with a useless piece of furniture. Painting or sticking a pair of headlights on the existing bed or putting a couple of wheels on the sides could be a more down to Earth solution. And if modifying the bed is out of the question, your little one is still going to require a ride to get him to dreamland. In that case, bed sheets with car prints will do the trick.

car shaped kids bed


car shaped kid's bed

volkswagen bus shaped kid's bed


ikea hack car bed


car bedding kids

pillow cover with cars

kids duvet cover cars

happy spaces workshop

car kids bedding


Don’t forget the potential walls have in bringing a themed room to life! The same goes with the car theme! Wallpapers, decals, art and fun quotes such as “every little boy is a race car driver” and “roll with it” are always a win. If you have a little speed racer on your hands, then you may even want to consider decorating the room with black and white finish line checkered stripes and flags.

cute car toys

car wallpaper for kids room


vintage car poster

marquee lamp volkswagen bus

car wall decor kids room

car beetle wall decal sticker

retro style car poster

roll with it poster

car wallpaper grey


vehicle traffic wallpaper


Unlike on the driveways, there are no rules with the car themed room, so designing one should be enjoyable and creative for the whole family.

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