Cacti are exotic and alluring plants in all their wonderful shapes, sizes and colours, so no wonder they have become such a style boom in recent years. Although these brilliant sculptures of nature are often introduced as a lovely addition to homes, we can all agree they are not the safest thing to place in a kid’s room. Luckily, by now the cactus has evolved into all kinds of décor and has put on a soft coat so the little ones’ can be able to squeeze and hug them. They might be native to deserts, but cacti sure will make an impression in your kid’s room, and here’s how!

cacti wallpaper


cactus wall decor nursery


cactus mirror


Create a lush cacti garden by applying wallpaper across an accent wall, preferably the one next to the bed. This way you will warm up the sleeping area, make it cosier and more appealing. It’s also a perfect opportunity to add a pop of colour to a monochrome room, and just like flowers in the desert, the cacti will liven up a minimalistic room with a gentle hint of green. If colour is not what you’re looking for in a wallpaper, due to their sculptural shape cacti can be used to add interest to the walls as a fun pattern in black and white too.

cactus in baby nursery


Hibou Home cactus wallpaper


cactuses in kids' rooms

mint blue kids bed


dark wood baby furniture


large cacti wallpaper


green baby wallpaper


cactus wallpaper with flowers



If wallpapers are too much for you, go for cactus decals and wall art. It’s a simple, yet cute way to add a fun twist to the walls of your kid’s bedroom. By placing one or more in the play area, especially if there is a teepee around, you will create a fun, adventurous theme and further stimulate your little one’s imagination. Play with as many cacti as you wish, there can never be too many!

oversized cactus wall stickers


cactus stickers kids room

cacti wall stickers decals


black cactus wall stickers

ohongs design studio on etsy


From walls to floors, rugs do not only warm up the feet but the room all together! Don’t worry about stepping on to cacti, because these are made for walking. The tasteful black and white rug featured in the picture is as elegant and minimal as you can go and is a match made in heaven for a modern, chic kid’s room.

lorena canals

cactus playmat

makaor on amazon


Who knew cacti could be soft and cuddly? Now, there is a way for your babies and toddlers to snug and play with this prickly plant without… you know, getting hurt. Cactus shaped pillows in various forms are available too, and are waiting to embellish the cribs and beds of the youngsters. Just imagine falling asleep while holding on to a cactus! Dreamy..

cactus pillows

boho baby heaven on etsy

cacti pillows

boho baby heaven on etsy

handmade cactus cushion


green textile cactus décor

cute handmade pillows


From blankets to bed sheets, go ahead and freshen up the fabric assortment with the cactus motif. It’s a simple way to bring a dose of the desert to the room (without the heat of course).

cacti bedding and textiles


cactus baby sheet


Ready to let the cactus grow in your little one’s room?

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