There are few kinds of toys out there that are at the same time as fun and beneficial for young minds as construction toys. Whether by using their imagination or following a step-by-step plan, building and stacking toys will help kids develop important skills. Blocks and other building materials will teach them to invent and design, while at the same time sparking creativity and encouraging problem-solving by making sure the buildings are stable and in balance. Spice this all up with a lot of fun, and you get the perfect toy!

We are not just talking about classic wooden blocks and Lego’s. there are some truly fascinating aternative building toys out there that ar sure to get the little minds working and little hands creating.


The TomTecT kit consists of light, high-quality pine wood planks that can be easily connected by flexible plastic clips to create amazingly solid objects. Thanks to the innovative way in which everything locks together, your child will have almost unlimited freedom for construction. From buildings to animals, the TomTecT provides a whole new perspective to three-dimensional construction!

TomTekt construction toys


These uniquely shaped, vibrantly coloured blocks look like the usual wooden ones gone through a major makeover. The pieces are easy to maneuver with so even the smallest hands will be able to build airy, modern-looking structures. Because there is no right way to put them together, the things your kids are going to build will be way more fun and goofy than with regular block.

Twig toys

colored construction block toys


Although at first glance they may seem like plain wooden stacking blocks, Tegus are anything but that. If you look more carefully, you will realise that they must be the most beautiful works of block art holding a little secret. Cleverly hidden inside every piece is a tiny magnet that helps them connect with each other. Using Tegu blocks, the kids can create incredible, smooth, gravity defying structures. And regarding the price, let’s just say you can call them the Rolls Royce of building blocks!

tegu building blocks

design original construction toys


The Kapla planks are the simplest toys imaginable and have the broadest age range of all. Both preschoolers and architects enjoy them, each at their level. When confronted with a box full of these simple stacking blocks (with no glue and no connectors what so ever), kids face an entirely blank canvas for their imagination to run wild. What makes Kapla even more unique is they are impossible to outgrow.

kapla toys

kapla toys


Similar to Kapla planks, Citiblocs come in a variety of beautiful colour themes. And contrary to Kapla, their sets are made up of different sized planks allowing more variation in structures and play.

citiblocks toys

For parents all over the world, the greatest advantage these alternative building toys have over classic ones such as LEGO is that they don’t hurt as much when you step on them. 🙂

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