Adventurous play is instrumental to kids’ development, and that shouldn’t preclude the room that we naturally consider as a space of peace and tranquillity. That’s right. While children’s bedrooms are often planned primarily with sleep in mind, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate a sense of adventure to fuel imaginations and ignite sparks for exciting bedtime stories.

It’s perfectly possible to create relaxing havens for little ones but still bring escapism and travel to magical faraway lands into the mix. Of course, adventure can be conjured up not only by flights of fancy and virtual journeys but by inviting the natural world inside. So, whether it’s safari or space, jungle or Jurassic or a cosy cabin in the lakes, let your little explorers roam free in the safety of their home. Here’s a little inspiration to get your mood boards burgeoning.


Space exploration is the theme for Noel’s adventurous boys’ room. A mobile of planets hover tantalisingly over the IKEA cabin bed while a telescope on the bedside table offers a quest to the stars at night. We imagine a descent on those stepladders feels like exiting a space shuttle for a voyage to the moon. There’s so much lunar detail in this room if you look closer, from the cloud and moon cushions on the occasional chair to the space rocket pillow on the bed and an astronaut for pillow talk. Even the circular alphabet rug channels moon.


Julian’s room is full of Jurassic inspiration with a nifty spot of colour blocking on the angled walls. Imagine heading to bed at night with a T-Rex? Well, that’s precisely what the ingenious dino duvet from @snurkamsterdam permits. An abundance of green mimics the lush vegetation of a prehistoric era with a soft Stegosaurus rug underfoot.


Sander’s hand-crafted modular bed is full of possibilities. A cosy reading nook beneath populated by a mischievous croc by @sebrainterior and an indoor summerhouse awning vibe beside the ladders. The colour scheme of pale blue and white lends itself to a lofty, floating-in-the-clouds feel, strengthened by the whimsical cloud and hot air balloon stickers by It seems Joseph, the adorable bunny lamp by Rose April, also approves, taking in the beauty of this awe-inspiring room from his vantage point.


Mama Mel channels North American log cabin with this delightful house bed laden with cosy throws and furry blankets. The @wallblush ‘Roam’ wall covering and a string of fairy lights create an alluring backdrop for bedtime stories and adventures in the wilderness.


What could be better than camping out from the comfort of your own bedroom? That’s exactly what Even can do in this charming boys’ bedroom. We love the juxtaposition of the skyscraper mural against the Native Indian tepee and the house bed. The mix of teal, cadet blue, petroleum and pastel blue gives way to a peaceful and calm space, and we love how the three peaks of the ‘buildings’ mimic and complement the sloped ceilings.


Calling all dinosaur lovers. This is just the perfect space to go back in time and hang out with Triceratops and T-Rex. There’s a world of adventure here, from the lush trees wallpaper to the camouflage bedlinen and a plentiful supply of foliage.  As for those pterodactyl footprints? Well, they really bring the magic. This is a room full of dinosaur immersion. Just beware, for as the sign says, ‘Trespassers will be eaten!’.


Sophistication is the name of the game for this upscale boys’ room. We love the clean lines and the strong but simple colour palette. It’s a scheme that says classic and timeless, but the Manhattan loft hideout still manages to retain a sense of youth and playfulness.


Why have one adventure when you can have two? Safari meets snow-capped Alps in George’s fun-packed room. There’s so much to marvel at in this room it’s hard to know where to start. The homemade mirror is particularly eye-catching, as is the home-project leafy garland. George’s mummy is quite the crafting genius, and she even painted the mountain wall using Frog tape and a YouTube tutorial. One of our favourite pieces, though, has to be that adorable faux campfire.


Dinosaurs don’t always have to ROARRRRRR, as Merete demonstrates in this tranquil take on dino adventures. A tepee bed follows the dove grey painted wall’s peaks with footprints that hint at Jurassic escapades. The diplodocuses seem to be conferring about something under the watchful eyelash decals. Maybe it’s about the superhero bedlinen by @jysk_fi?


Come fly with me to a boy’s room full of vintage delights. There’s something so endearing about this room with an undertone of military influence and evacuee boarding. It’s not just the aircraft seemingly taking flight, but the textured stripes and checks of the bedlinen and the hospital bed frame painted in a royal blue. We could almost imagine a war-torn child drafting letters at the lacquered bureau if it wasn’t for that tremendous ’70’s orange wall lamp!


‘Oh, the places you’ll go’. That delicate decal sums up the ethos of this entertaining space with a jungle theme full of wild animals and a sense of adventure for our little explorer. The mesmerising Little Teo print by @linnwold is utterly mesmerising, encouraging night-time stories of travel. No wonder there’s a dream catcher beneath that olive canopy.


‘Lakey camp vibe’ was the aim for this shared boy’s room in a property in Maine on Moosehead Lake. And boy, did mama accomplish it. Benjamin Moore’s Simply White adorns the ship lapped walls accentuating the stunning framed pennants by @oxfordpennant. Bedlinen is kept clean and unfussy with a dusting of earthy accents in the Pendleton blanket and a blast of caramel in the pillow. A decorative set of antlers from @kamkamindianstore completes this cabin-style bedroom full of the promise of the outdoors.


A punchy cobalt blue sets the stage for a pair of roaming plywood puzzle dinosaurs by It seems as though they are wandering by the light of the night star in Liam’s room, perhaps in search of the bashful sunshine on the adjacent wall? The house shelf mimics the @jollyroomno house bed, a modern Noah’s ark in this contemporary boys’ bedroom inspired by the natural world.

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