You can hardly imagine a shared boys’ room with more character than the one we are going to show you today. Located in an apartment in Northern Germany, this interior heaven of Milan (three) and Luis (five) is a perfect canvas for drawing childhood memories.

childrens rooms with black

But it was a bumpy road before their mum Birte and dad Kristoff made it to this unique kids’ room concept. In the beginning, finding out how the room should look like wasn’t easy, and there were many changes, furniture re-arrangements and painting jobs involved before hitting the very look you can see today.

“I took a lot of inspiration from Instagram and finally decided to paint the wall black. We love it- everything fits perfectly with this timeless colour” says Birte.

black wall in kid's room

They wanted to give their boys a colourful room with lots of string lights, garlands and tons of cushions (which are their mum’s secret obsession!) to play with. Top that with gazzillion wooden toys and many different materials to provide depth and texture and voila! Here you have it!

oliver furniture kids bed

But styling the room didn’t come as difficult for Birte. The biggest challenge was putting everything together. Two boys of different age and their two beds, a closet, a reading corner, all the toys and storage for two had to fit into a single room without spoiling the mood.

yellow chair for kid's room

But when they finally got there, the boys loved it! The room layout is not just a pretty sight to look at; it is encouraging the way they like to play – throwing everything on the floor and jumping from one bed to the other, rolling in all those cute cushions their mum lovingly gathered to help them nest!

black kids decor

My favourite piece in their room is their Rafa Kids shelf. I just love its simple design which makes it so special. Milan loves sitting on his desk and Luis jumps around on his bed from Oliver Furniture, listening to his favourite music – say Birte.

 If you asked the family, they wouldn’t change a thing in this room. Well, maybe just one – add a wallpaper The Wild by Bien Fait, which Birte has been dreaming about for some time now. Fingers crossed they will put it up soon!

Oliver Furniture childrens bed

If you are designing a shared kids’ bedroom take a word of advice from Birte:

“I would recommend you to create different areas for each child. They need their own space to use it the way they want it, even if they are together in one room.”

ochre coloured kids bedding


Bed: Oliver Furniture I Shelf : Rafa Kids I Carpet : Fermliving I Casalino Chair : Casala I Desk : Les Gambettes I Canopy : No 74 I Wooden toys : Wooden Toys : Kolekto play I World map : Gathre I Wall paint : Farrow and Ball I “M” shaped light : Little Lights I Lampions : Amazon I Bedlinens: Swedish linens I Crab : Big Stuffed I Balance board : Wobbel I Slag cushions: Saracarr I Rainy cushion : Oyoy I House cushion : Camomile London I Wooden plate : Liebding I Suitcase storage : Olli Ella I Rainbow wall banner : Never Perfect Studio I Bunny lamp : Miffy

Phot credits : @birte_luis_milan

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