Calm, peaceful, soothing, relaxing, reliable – these are just some of the words used to describe today’s’ colour of choice – blue. Blue is often considered to be exclusively boy colour. However, due to a truly long and versatile range of hues, it is a perfect colour to invite into girls’ rooms too. There are so many wonderful shades to choose from; from deep sea blue and all the way to the shade of a clear sky at noon. Whether you are searching only for a neutral blue-grey backdrop, or you would like to make a bold statement, this glorious colour will provide you with exactly what you need to bring some sweet blues into the space.

Daring adventurers as we are, let’s explore the endless blue seas and take a look at just how this quiet, yet dynamic paint can make an impact on your kids’ rooms!

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 Studies have shown that blue is indeed the best possible colour to use in a nursery, due to the soothing effect it has on the little mind. And unlike many other relaxing shades such as whites and grey, blue offers just enough visual stimulation at the same time. You can go up a notch by applying it in a simple pattern such as stripes, or administering more than one shade. But blue doesn’t even have to be the leading colour for it to make a statement, as it can be added as accent to create visual interest in a white-dominated nursery while still retaining the peaceful feel.

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The myth that pink is reserved only for girls and blue for boys has been busted a long time ago. But, if you wish to add a feminine touch to your little princess’s bedroom, blue is going to be a perfect mate for combining with other colours. All you need is a touch of pink, hints of gold and yellow, or even pops of purple and violet – whatever appeals to your heart. Feminine accessories and décor pieces are another option to consider. Even just a beautiful dollhouse will turn the whole room around by shifting it from a gender-neutral room to a fabulous girl’s hub.

mustard and blue kids room

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Whenever someone talks about colour palettes, the natural thing is to turn one’s attention to wall paint and wallpapers. As with almost any hues, there are plenty of great ways to bring a touch of blue to the kid’s room. Start with neutral walls and then mix in blue by using throws, rugs, furniture, or any other décor pieces to your liking. The advantage of accessorising is that as quickly as blue can be brought in, it can be recalled in order to switch to yet another colour mood.

blue heart cushion


blue toy boxes

blue and yellow childrens rooms


At first-hand blue shades, especially lighter ones might seem a bit frosty and alienating, but once you embrace them, you’ll see the harmony and bliss they will bring to the space.

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