Today, there are toys which children couldn’t even begin to imagine before. Gone are the days when parents used to craft them for their kids using simple materials and tools. These toys used to last through the entire childhood, even inherited by next generations and could be quickly patched up and repaired if damaged. But for some time now we are starting to see this beautiful trend coming back to life! People, in general, are getting more and more interested in DIY crafts and this includes all sorts of toys. And the kids love them because they are made using the most valuable tool there is – love!


diy dollhouses

Dollhouse is the DIY project you can really get creative with when it comes to shapes, materials and the details. Your little girl’s dream dollhouse can be crafted from wood, plastic, cardboard boxes and another packaging. Repurposing an old bookcase or other similar furniture is another option you may also consider. And if you are not in possession of one, IKEA’s cheap Expedit bookcase or Flisat shelf can be a perfect basis for a creative dollhouse. With some college paper for decorating the walls, matchboxes, popsicle sticks, cosmetic cream boxes and other small accessories acting as furniture, you are going to put together a dollhouse so awesome, that will make you wish you were a doll.

diy dollhouse


These toys are a classic! They are one of the oldest playthings around that have been providing fun for generations of children. If you feel like making one of your own stick horses, it is pretty easy. You don’t need any experience in sewing, let alone a sewing machine. All that’s needed to make a simple stick horse is an old broomstick, a sock and something to fill it with. It’s also an excellent opportunity to make use of that sock whose pair mysteriously vanished during the last laundry wash!

diy hobby horse

diy knitted broom hobby horse

diy handmade broomstick hobby horse


Stuffed toys are a bit harder to master as you’ll need to possess certain sewing skills. Scrap fabric, old clothes, cotton wool and, once again the inevitable socks are going to be the materials of which you are going to put together the perfect plush doll for your little one! This way you will not only save money but also acquire a useful skill for your future DIY adventures. And the kids will be ecstatic to get a unique stuffed toy with a personal touch. Even better if they participated in the making. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to design your own doll!

diy plushdolls

diy plushtoy with socks



The cardboard theatre is very easy to make and is one of the best DIY toys for encouraging creativity and developing social skills at home and may very well be a place where future little actors are born. Using the plush toys you’ve made for them earlier as puppets, your kids are going to enjoy recreating plays or even better coming up with their storylines and performing them in front of you. Dancing, singing, magic theatre, it doesn’t matter. If you’re prepared to be an audience member, they will make a show to share with you!

diy puppet theatre

diy cardboard theatre

You don’t have to go out and purchase your children the latest and most expensive piece in the toy store for them to be happy and fulfilled. Bought toys often get forgotten very quickly and end up buried at the bottom of the storage bin, but yours will be cherished forever.

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