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On the constantly changing nursery design landscape, there’s no knowing what hot trends the season ahead may bring. Or is there? According to kid’s room design forecasts, chic nurseries in the year ahead will build on the main trends from 2016 such as pastels and wood, but we’ll also be seeing a few suave additions to the nursery wagon in terms of layout and décor elements. Here’s a sneak peak into the pot of 2017 nursery designs which you should check out if you want your little one’s nest to stay up-to-date with trending décor styles.


nurseries 2017 colours

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Following Pantone’s announcement of rose quartz and serenity as the colors of the year in 2016, pastels made a loud entrance to the interior design scene, and nurseries were no exception. In 2017, gentle hues will remain in trend, with pale turquoise, soft terracotta, light grey, beige, and muted olive joining the trending tonal palette. For increased aesthetic interest, vibrant pops of color such as orange, dark green, gold, and wine red will be employed in the nursery as accents.


mother nature nursery

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Another 2016 design trend that will be going strong in the year to come, use of natural materials and nature-inspired motifs will take front and center in a graceful nursery. Timber cribs, shelves, and toy boxes with a charming vintage look will remain a must-have in kid’s room décor in 2017, along with textiles crafted from natural fiber such as organic cotton, linen, jute, and canvas. In addition to natural materials, botanical and animal prints will be sneaking into the nursery next year, and so will houseplants, creating a lush backdrop for little ones’ peaceful dreams in the lap of Mother Nature.


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We’ve witnessed a rise in popularity of open-floor layouts over the past few years, and the year ahead will bring a smart twist on the integrated home layout idea. In 2017, graceful nurseries will be seamlessly merged with master bedrooms and living rooms, allowing parents to check in on their little munchkins without the need for baby monitors. For the sake of privacy, nurseries will be inconspicuously separated from the rest of the home by mobile dividers in the form of aluminum sliding doors, heavy drapes, or shoji screens.


nursery trends 2017

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Statement cribs and cots are another nursery design trend we’ll be seeing more of in the year to come. Asymmetric or oversized, modern-looking cots and convertible cribs crafted from 21st-century materials such as transparent acrylic will double as the nursery centerpiece in 2017. For bonus aesthetic touches, kid’s sleeping areas will boast white or pastel hues, sometimes topped by neutral-colored canopies with lavish trims and elaborate detailing. Other statement pieces in an elegant 2017 nursery will include antique armoires, armchairs, and toy chests, and the styles that will be most pronounced in the year ahead will comprise mid-century modern, shabby chic, and vintage.


diy in nursery

Oh My Lila Rose

When it comes to creative nursery features, 2017 kid’s room décor will fly in the face of design conventions, opening the door to parental DIY experiments with hues, textures, and patterns. Homemade rugs, customized furniture with paints or stickers, pendant shades, accent walls and ornaments will allow crafty parents to add personal touches to the nursery while expressing their creativity and saving a bit of cash on the side at the same time. Papier mache decorations, hand-painted wall decals, mason jars turned kid’s craft storage, and DIY pendant shades made from string will infuse 2017 nurseries with originality and playful vibes. If you’re set on launching a nursery makeover any time soon, you’d better stock up on crafting materials and be prepared to put your imagination to use.

The nursery design forecast for 2017 is painted in debonair hues: soothing pastels, open floor layout, organic materials and houseplants, statement bedding, and handmade ornaments will help transform an ordinary kid’s room into a hotbed of comfort and style. Your kid deserves a snug nest designed with love and awareness of trending nursery styles – and you now know the basics on how to create a chic kid’s room off magazine covers, so make sure you’ve updated the nursery before Santa arrives.

Zoe Clark is a visual storyteller and aesthetician by heart. She has always had a passion for interior design… well, at least since she was 9 years old and was given free reignat decorating her bedroom. Nowdays, you can find her sharing decorating tips at Smooth Decorator.

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