Wall.K.Dot is a unique game that combines learning, playing and moving, from toddlers to teens.

It motivates children to learn while playing, and it encourages spontaneous exercise.

The educational game contains sticker dots (that you can affix to whichever surfaces you want), and dice.

It is available in unique basic versions, with lots of accessories.

For the youngest kids, there are the TODDLER DOTS and PLAY&LEARN DOTS, with animals, body parts, and in nice colors.

For the older kids, there are the SMART DOTS with letters and numbers.

wall.k.dot® is made from child-friendly, PVC-free materials, which makes it unique on the market, and safe to play with, even for toddlers.

Made in nice colours, it fits in every interior. 

Another great advantage: no need to tidy up afterwards: once you sticked the sticker dots, they stay on the wall/floor/ceiling/…

wall.k.dot® is a unique game that was created and developed by Klaar Kindt.

She is an architect and also the managing director of the interior decorating and lettering company UpArt, as well as the mother of two children who are eager to learn, but find it difficult to sit still. 

Thanks to wall.k.dot® she has come full circle, literally!

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